First day of Physical Therapy.

One week out of surgery, I finally had my first PT appointment.

I Loved it.  I finally felt as if I was doing something to get myself back in shape.  Because of the Holiday earlier in the week, my regular PT was booked and I got the head Honcho for the whole department.  She was great. She listened to me and assessed how much walking I had done, and decided that I was not having any pains that indicated a failed surgery.  This was super-reassuring.

I got to ride the bike, and do about an hours worth of isometric exercises.  She seemed to feel I was doing very well.  Her confidence rubbed off on me.  I feel much much better!

Tomorrow, I get to use the bars  to walk, while putting approx 20 pounds of weight only on my left leg!  I can not wait!!!!!

Of course,  people already have unrealistic expectations….my coach dropped by in the middle of my therapy session to cheer me on.  He then mentioned to me that there is a new Half marathon coming to our town in November.  I said a number of times that I wouldn’t be running at that point.  he seemed to not get it and took off….luckily my physical therapist told me she would intervene next time.  A more realistic goal for me is a 5k in September/November.  Because the incisions are small, it would appear that only a little was done.  But actually it was a pretty major surgery.  I’m going to continue to follow the protocol of those in the know and resist temptation to speed anything up.

I’m not missing work yet, and I wonder when I shall.  I’m fascinated by all the people who have called to offer me assistance,  AND by the people that have not called.

I do hope I get my concentration back soon, My head feels full of cotton wool!!!!

8 thoughts on “First day of Physical Therapy.

  1. Good news! I’m glad PT went so well.

    Not so good about your coach- maybe he was trying to get you to feel better? Either way, you are right to decide to take it slow and steady. Good luck.

  2. Thanks! I am doing what they tell me. As much as I want to run, a good outcome will let me run and will also affect my aging years quite a bit….People in general don’t think….they jut say things you know?

  3. That’s great news about “loving” physio – even if that’s a little abnormal 🙂 I’ve never heard anyone say they enjoyed it that much before but you are right in that it’s a start to getting back to normal. It’s important also not to rush as that’s more likely to result in a set back (injury) . Setting realistic goals is also good and you might reach them quicker than you think and be able to reassess them.

    • the funny thing Emjay, is that we really dont do anything that “hurts” too much. And I get to have interaction with a ton of people ( the PT center is an open area at my gym) So it is a lot of fun. I just hope 6 months from now I have a great result….time will tell…

  4. I missed your first couple of posts regarding your surgery. Sorry about that: but it sounds like you’re recovering quicker than I would have ever guessed. DO take your time, however. When I was recovering from a torn rotator cuff, I made the mistake of thinking I could sling my backpack over the shoulder since “it didn’t hurt.” The next day it HURT, and my PT and doctor both chewed me out for not being more careful. I was lucky I didn’t make the tendons around my shoulder joint worst, though to this day I don’t have the flexibility I had prior to the injury. So take it slow and enjoy being off of your feet for awhile. Can’t one of your helpers get you a pile of good movies for the weekend? 🙂

  5. It is always so hard to go slow when you feel like you can do more. Try to remember that if you over-do then you can be doing some serious harm to your recovery and jeopardize your planned South African run.

    Slow down, and enjoy your healing and recoup time.

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