More of the Same…

This is really more of the same.

Friday was a hugely busy day.

I saw the surgeon for follow up.  He took some x rays, was pretty quiet.  I asked him to explain the surgery, which he did and didn’t.  He actually is sort of not the best communicator.  But he is also not the worst.  He trimmed the entire rim of my acetabulum.Which is the socket.  He then Cut some bone off of the femur to see if that would allow things to move more smoothly, after doing this, he decided it was not helping so he stopped.  Then he discovered the tear in my Labrum, and trimmed it and thinned it (maybe a  bit much according to the MD) and reattached it to my acetabulum.

He rotated my leg about a bit and said nothing.  I said I felt pretty good.  He reminded me that it was very early still and that much of the pain was going to come and go as I advance in physical therapy.He won’t say anything about success or failure until its 6 months out….like October.  He is such a Party Pooper!!!!  But I suppose it’s in his best professional interest to be that way.  I wish he would have said, well, it all looks good now.  but he did not say it looked bad.  soooo.

We took out my stitches.  I now have two gaping holes in my leg.  They weren’t quite as healed as we thought.  We steri-stripped the wounds but in the Florida heat the strips just sweated off.  I was going to re-steri them this morning, but the damage is done, and I will have 2 yukky scars.  but really they are right near my bathing suit or underwear line, since I am neither a lingerie model or a swimsuit model..meh!

I then went an ate a HUGE hamburger from Steak and Shake.  Lovely.  I did not know they had a drive through, I think I shall be partaking more often.

After that, Physical Therapy.  Leah did a great job.  I rode the bike.  she rotated my leg in concentric circles.  and addressed the Piriformis…which apparently had been doing a lot of spasming.  It was quite sore.  I was certain she was hitting my cut up bones, but no just a muscle.

I did walk between the parallel bars and after about 4 trips up and back (bearing only 20 lbs of weight on my left leg)  I actually got a little dizzy and tired.  They use a regular bathroom scale and put your leg on it and you see how much you can push to make 20.  It isn’t alot, you’ll see if you try it!

After that I did a few more muscle activation exercises.  then they cocooned me in ice and called it a day.

I was so so tired.  I actually took a pain pill which was a huge mistake.  I itched like crazy and then an errant mosquito also bit me like 14 times.  So while I had no pain, I had to get up and find the benadryl.  Going to try to avoid the pain meds from now on…

Today I was groggy from my lack of sleep, but did finally get up and ride the bike and do my isometric exercises.  Now I have cocooned myself on ice and am looking at the results of the Prefontaine Classic .  I hate to admit it, but I do really like running!  I will be such a different person if this turns out not so goodly.

But for now, I am mostly chilling out, planning lists of things to do when they allow me to fully weight bear, and trying to not worry about money!


12 thoughts on “More of the Same…

  1. Oh my goodness you are a strong woman! A plastic surgeon here recommends the use of a product called Bio-oil for scars. It appears to help keep the scar tissue to a minimum and also fades them. Friend of D2 used it on facial scars after removal of a tumour.

  2. Ouch, I don’t think I want to hear too many details about my surgery from my doctor. Yes, I’m curious, but being told my bones were trimmed would give me the creepies for days. You are brave to be able to talk about it and not run screaming out the door (as I would have!).

    I was told that those creams used to treat stretch marks are also good for surgical scars. It won’t magically erase them, but it will lighten the scars and make them less visible. That said, the scars from my last surgery twelve years ago are barely visible, so maybe time will take care of them. Just don’t sunbathe in a bikini—sun aggravates scars! 😉

  3. I think once the leg actually heals, I will try both the creams and the Bio-Oil, because I’ve heard good things about both. I think my reaction at first was, OMG! A Scar. but when I started to think on it, it is in such a non notable area, that I don’t care that much at all!

  4. Keep on keeping on. Money worries are not good for the stomach or the nerves. (((hugs))) It does sound, though, that things are progressing smoothly and along expected pathways.

    I’m not too sure I could handle being cocooned in ice. As much as I hate hot….being that cold does not sound appealing to me at all.

  5. It sounds like things are moving right along. I hope that things will continue to heal well and that you will be mostly without pain.

    Years ago when I was studying to become a massage therapist, I had to take anatomy. I remember saying to someone ‘get your acetabulum over here!’ Once we started learning the different terms for the joints and muscles, they were suddenly popping up in random conversation. That just made me think of that. 😛

    • THanks akamonsoon! It will be alright. Today is a bad pain day, and my focus is much on wether this or that looks right or wrong. Really looking forward to PT tomorrow so I have an opportunity to let someone else look at it. I could def use a Piriformis massage!!!!

      When i was learning anatomy, thing like that would pop up for me too…it was often really funny if I let them slip out somewhere else, I always sounded like a snot! MY PT is guilty of it too, after he had an accident I was asking him where he had pain and he immediately said, “MY VMO” And I had to go look it up….(Its some small muscle in the quadriceps…).

      • I’ve never heard of ‘VMO’ either. Hmm. Piriformis I have. If I remember from all dang queue cards I had to memorize back then it means ‘pear shaped’ in Latin.

  6. I wish you a speedy recovery! I’ll be following your progress on your blog. I’m using Bio-Oil (actually it’s generic equivalent from CVS) for stretch marks right now. It works. My sister use it for acne scars and it seems to help with that too. I know what you mean about the piriformis.I get that once in a while too and use a combination of foam roller and heat pad to help manage the pain until it goes away.

    trishc1812 – you get used to cocooning yourself in ice if it offers relief from pain. I did it for many months after my car accident (the same one that tore my hip labrum).

    • I appreciate you stopping by! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about your hip. It is very interesting to see your perspective especially as you are not a runner. (We are really crazy people…) I was driving along one of my running routes today and all I could keep thinking was, “What on earth did I do to myself with this surgery” I’m still not walking per PT orders. (I can not imagine doing this with small children around) I am starting to feel slightly better and more flexible though.

      I’m going to try the bio-oil but my stupid incisions arent healed yet.

  7. I loved it when they put my foot into ice after a PT session – I always wanted to ask them to do my other foot as well! Doctors like to say things like “it’s progressing as it should” even though we’d like to hear them say “you’re doing really well”..

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