I had a post all done up for yesterday.  Somehow word Press ate it, and I was just too tired to repost it.  Yesterday was the worst day I’ve had since surgery.  I had a ton of pain.  there was so many little pains jumping around my hip I had no idea which was which or where one another was originating.  I rode the bike and it only got worse.  I tried about 30 different positions with no relief.  I finally in desperation took a percocet, even though I get hives with it.  I decided all the itching from the hives would be distracting from the pain.  The percocet worked.   I also ended up just crying for several minutes for no good reason.   I think I was just tired.

This is an odd stage in recovery.  I have slightly more energy, but am not 100% yet.  And I remains a little “cotton-headed”I have decided that so much of my brain is occupied in concentrating on things we almost never give a second thought to that I dont have the ability to concentrate normally.  Instead I am thinking about how to roll over, getting in and out of the public push door bathrooms, and sitting up.  I definitely would not advise ANYONE at this post recovery stage to make any decisions that are long term…like home purchases, marriages, or career changes.

Anyway, I schlepped into PT today.  I was being returned to my original PT.  I was very very worried about this as I had rather loved My secondary PT lady.  My current PT guy is really a great guy.  He just is not always so clear on what I should do exactly which leads me to be doing this or that and him to be interrupting me a lot correcting me.  Secondly he is not as nuturing as the other lady. That said, I told him he had to address my piriformis pain or I was going back to the other lady.

Initially i got a little irritated as he wanted me to start on the exercises I do at home.  As my other PT pointed out~no point in doing them at PT if I am doing them at home~  so I very pointedly mentioned that and he stopped.  Sometimes I think he has too many clients at a time.  But he did stop that and have me do some things I can not do at home so that is good.

Then The heavens Opened. My PT guy did something with his elbow and my piriformis that was super painful but also wonderful.  My Piriformis and all attached muscles have completely stopped spasming.

Since that time I have been feeling Much much better.

I have a really hard time understanding pain.  I mean, you stomp on my foot, Ouch, I get it, it hurts, but lingering pain… I really sometimes don’t identify as actual pain.  So many times when running last year I had a hard time sleeping, I found if I took a motrin, I actually fell asleep about 30 mins later with no issues.  But I would have never identified that as pain.

I am trying to pay a little more attention to how I react to pain so I can deal with it faster.

But for this particular moment I am thrilled, that I am only having mild muscle spasms tonight.  Yay for my PT guy and his magic elbow!!!


5 thoughts on “Whew.

  1. Isn’t there something else they can give you besides percoset? Those hives don’t sound good, even if they’ve only shown up on the surface of your body. My doctor said one can get hives inside as well, and I thought he was joking, until I had a bad reaction to penicillin that made my tongue swell. Uck.

    I’m glad the PT knew what to do, even if he’s not as nurturing as your secondary one. Hope this good feeling lasts.

    • I am taking Naprosyn, and I could take some Motrin instead now. Hives do indeed happen on the inside and outside, which is why we give allergic reactions in the hospital things like Pepcid as well as benadryl. I’m pretty allergic to everything else. Luckily Over the past 2-3 days my pain is really reduced, of course now that I am walking, I may have a pretty terrible time, we’ll see.

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