Wow.   I walked today.  Officially.  And Now I am entirely exhausted.

I had early early PT today so I got all ready and had a nice iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts ahead of time.  This may have been a mistake.  I have not had much caffeine lately, and  thus I suppose it affected me.  I got on the bike and the entire  time my heart rate was running at at least 120 which is crazy high for me.  Usually I have trouble getting it up to  108.

So I biked and got really sweaty.  Then I did my stretches.  I was able to get my leg up on the highest step today to do one of the stretches so that right there was a slight victory.

The my therapist had me walking back and forth between the parallel bars.  I wish I could say I am fabulous, but in reality I walk like this…

He put a mirror up so I could look at my gait.  Still it is walking unassisted.  I was pleased. Apologies for the video, I can barely look at it because of the quality, but all the other videos showed these 80 yr old stroke victims and did not really represent what my leg looks like.  I walked about 250 feet, maybe.

After that we did a lot of rolling around, massaging the piriformis, and lifting.

I felt really tired and actually fell entirely asleep during the 10 mins of icing.  My PT actually just left me sleep there until I sort of popped my head up.  He said he felt like I needed it.  He did say I was progressing as expected, so i feel super pleased.

For the rest of the afternoon, I think I will sleep.  Take some nausea medication and hope it helps, though I think I am nauseated due to being entirely exhausted.

Wow,  I can not even think about running.  I am so unsure on my feet right now.  Still, I feel like I am making progress…



10 thoughts on “Ambulation!

  1. Congratulations! Those first steps on your own pins are hard, but remember you were in surgery almost three weeks ago. This is huge, that you’re able to do this in such a short amount of time. Don’t be so hard on yourself—be nice to you and your poor hip.

    • Yes, as my PT guy says “You are progressing as expected” I always laugh when he says that, but it is a wonderful thing to hear. I need not be a superstar, I just want to get better.

    • It’s a good question. I am a runner, a chronic runner. I can not imagine my life without running and especially not without running the Comrades Marathon, which is my ultimate goal. So I really had very few options. I know it seems crazy that I want to run a race bad enough to put my entire life on hold for a bit, but thats the way we are. My entire social life and free time revolves around running. When I am running well, my work schedule is rearranged for the running….

      Beyond that, my pain had gotten to being 100% of the time, it was hard for me to sit in a regular chair for more than say 20 minutes without pain, and I was becoming very irritable….having trouble getting comfortable at night due to the pain etc.

      Currently I have pain, but, it is not in the groin very much (unless I overdo it) So yes, I think it was worth it.

      I also had quite a bit of Bone removed from the hip and the head of the femur so that makes this all the more complicated, and that is actually where more of the pain is coming from.

      I met a lady who only had a labrum tear repaired last week. She is 3 months post op and wishes she had had the surgery Months before, she looks great. She didn’t have any Bone removal though. It is early days yet, but it is my only chance to run longer than 26.2 so I felt like I had no choice.

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