When I had the spate of stress fractures some years ago, I dreamed repeatedly of running through pine forests and trails.   I expected the same with this surgery.

Oddly No.  It may be because for some time I needed to take Lunesta to actually fall asleep.  So much laying around in the day time and such left me rather sleepless at night, plus the quiet and the pain I had didn’t help.

Luckily I have graduated to getting very tired all on my own, and not needing that anymore.

And with that has come back my odd REM sleep dreams.

Most of them have involved School of some sort.  I have had a few dreams of being in graduate School and trying to plan an event with people.  Not fun.

But my Favorite one so far has been my dream about being in college and trying to schedule a run, Ice Skating and a visit from a visiting author.

I finally ended up trying to run in ice skates.

sort of like this guy, but less coordinated.

I Believe my dream came from the fact that it’s hard to get my feet moving again, but one never really knows with dreams….


9 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Oops! I missed your birthday.
    I hope you had a great one!
    Or you are having a good one.

    Dreams are weird things. This morning I remembered a dream that I had several years ago: I remember walking in to work that morning telling one of my co-workers about the dream. She and I were working at an office together, it wasn’t Factset as I didn’t recognize any of the other people in the office plus the office in my dream wasn’t layed out the same as the Factset office. We both laughed about how dreams are weird things and we couldn’t concieve of a situation where we would be working together, with her having more seniority over me and it not being Factset. Well, guess what: I got my new job on a recommendation from Jen, my coworker from Factset. The dream I had several years ago…happened this morning with me filling up the copy machine with copy paper and Jen waiting on me to finish so she could print something. I *think* I may have even written about when we were still with VOX. I’ll have to try to find that post when I get home this evening.

  2. I rarely remember my dreams; I’ve sometimes wondered if I dream at all but supposedly everyone dreams.. When I was young I used to have a lot of those “falling” dreams. I hope you had a very happy birthday.

  3. Oh Aussie, I also have those dreams right before I am about to drift off, I come awake with such a Jolt!!!!

    I had a pretty Bland birthday, but…given where I am at in my recovery cycle, this is alright. I forgot it was my birthday until I scanned by card at the gym, and the machine sang happy Birthday to me!

  4. Well Happy Birthday! Just watched the video. What was that guy doing? Warming up? LOL. Glad you are able to sleep without help. That is the worst when you are tossing and turning. I also have very bizarre dreams on a regular basis. I’m not sure how my mind conjures them up! 😉 I hope each day that you are feeling better.

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