QUilting choices…

So,  I’ve decided in my time off work that I will finally start doing a little quilting.

When I was younger, my Mom and I would make quilts together.  She never did super fancy patterns.  I think her most difficult one with me was one that is sort of like a Circle pattern.

Sort of like this.

Over the years, ALL of the quilts she and I made have had wear and tear and none of the ones I have that remain are really all that nice any more.  My Mother does not make quilts any more, so I would love to be able to make a few fresh ones in some more updated patterns.

I have in mind a little project for a wedding coming up.  The odd thing is that while I know the couple, I don’t know them super well, and since they are moving, I have no idea what type of color scheme would be appropriate.

Since they are both Tri-athletes, I thought I might do something like a bicycle theme.  I would prefer them to be swimmers as water themed quilts patterns are abundant.  But neither one likes the swim portion and a running quilt, seems sort of bizarre.

I, however, am not really into the campy “road map”  or quilts with Bike helmets appliqued to them.  They always look like more fun for kids rooms, not as a wedding gift.

I’m thinking of doing something with spokes….It was harder than I imagined to find something with spokes, that was not too frilly and such.

I like this pattern, but I would probably put a solid border around it and use some more green and blue fabrics, rather than the traditional “quilty”  fabrics.  And make the circle things smaller and the spokey things a little longer…

I just think it may  be a bit of a difficult for me, as I am not an experienced quilter.  I mean I know how to sew together blocks and iron them and such, but it has been a while.

What do you think.   Is it too busy?

and for Carol, especially, is it too hard?

My Other choice is a drawing I made, which is more modern, but may not be that nice in the end…

I’d of course get the pattern done out on graph paper and get help from my local shop.  In addition to the spokes I’d have to pick some sort of subtle contrast thread and actually quilt the thing in possibly some sort of small circular patterns, which would also be difficult…

So Opinions, Likes dislikes?  I like the first one because  it comes with a pattern, and I think with some updated fabrics it would not look so “country”  I also like the idea of being able to use several different colors for each block.

The second one I like because it seems to me to be a little bit simpler.

What do you all think???


7 thoughts on “QUilting choices…

  1. The first pattern would not be hard, but just know that it is a lot of piecing (sewing the pieces together) you’ve got all those long strips that end up as spokes in the wheels, then you’ve got to piece the center together. It can be done, but if you are on a deadline, you’ll either have to work really hard on it, for hours and hours, or simplify it. I like your drawing, I think it would work better since you have not made a quilt in a long time. Get to know the owner of the quilt store in your town, seriously! She can help, even if you end up going there every day and say ‘HELP!’ Just tell her you’re all thumbs and it’s been a long time. I’ve not known anyone in a quilt store who’s been turned down when they are in need of help. If you mom is still able to give advice and directions, all the better.

    There are all sorts of beautiful batik fabrics that would be cool looking in a circular quilt. Circle quilting can be done, just mark the top and then sew slowly. Definitely have the quilt shop owner show you how, it can’t be done with just a ‘regular’ foot on a sewing machine. It can be tricky. Markers are on the market now that dissolve after a short while (air dissolvable) or after washing. Good luck.

  2. Oh, and forgot to add….your old quilts that you have can be repaired. You can do it yourself. Just restitch the seams, and if need be, add some pieces of fabric to replace damaged or missing pieces. It doesn’t matter if the sewing shows, no one but you will see it or use it. ALSO, with your quilt you’re making, most of the time the thread maches the main fabric. If you are going blue for instance, then pick blue. I use white unless it will show up on the top really badly

  3. Good for you for taking on quilting! I would think that the bike pattern would be time consuming placing all those pieces together, but hey, if you’ve got the time for it then go for it. 🙂 Years ago I was big into quilting. I am fond of the log cabin quilts and found them pretty easy to stitch together. I did one for my sister’s wedding and included a cross stitch of their wedding date in the center. The 9-block ones are fairly easy as well and look so pretty with the right colors.

  4. My Grandma was a quilt maker. She quilted her five grandkids their own quilts. I believe mine was first or it was third (I know I got mine before my brothers, I’m just not sure if my cousin’s got theirs before or after me.) Grandma did a very cute pattern of little girls in sunbonnets made from scraps of fabrics that she had collected through the years. Used to be my Mom could point at a specific piece in the quilt and tell me she remembers wearing a dress made out of that fabric. This quilt is lovingly stored in my cedar hope chest. I was going to hand it down to my daughter. Now I’ll have to wait until Jordan starts having kids to see if I’ll have a granddaughter to pass it down to.

    I have kept all of Jordan’s shirts that are important to me for one reason or another. I want to cut them up into large rectangles and piece them into a quilt. I have never quilted before and have only used a sewing machine sparringly—I really have no idea if my vision can be made or not….and I certainly have no idea what color to use as a border/back ground color or how to do anything with batting….Grandma did ALL of her quilting by hand. I know I don’t have the patience for that.

    Best of luck in making your friends such an awesome wedding present!

  5. We have some old quilts that the manservant’s grandmother made. They are in pastel greens, lemon, blues and cream colours – I’m afraid to use them because I think they might fall apart – they must be nearly 50 years old. I really like the pattern you drew – I like plain, simple, stark patterns. Some old churches have wonderful tile patterns on their floors which would look great on a quilt.

    • I always think I should stop using my mom’s quilts, but I LOVE them. I can not stand to sleep under the many store bough comforters she has also provided me with over the years, they are always too fluffy and not warm enough.

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