Just Right!

I think I have found the pattern I want to make for the quilt.  It is stylistic enough like a bicycle wheel without being, you know, a bicycle wheel.  The pattern is gender neutral and will work well with a variety of color schemes….

Sadly I found this image on line of a search for “Wheel quilts”  It has no connection to any site and thus I can not figure out the name of it…

But still, with a pattern this looks like I would essentially have to cut the wheels out…make and quilt the quilt in the diamond pattern, and then applique the wheels on.   I plan to not use the triangles, but to instead place a nice plain border and not have the jagged edges.

I went by the local quilt store today.  I took the image on a flash drive, imagining that they could plug it into their computer and look at it with me.  No computer in the place.  The ladies were not extremely helpful either, oddly as I was the only one in the store.  I was disappointed as this little store is right in town, and they offer classes.  I was imagining it would be a place where I could get my supplies and also possibly get some help, but they seemed to not be that interested.   They were also surprised that I found the above image with no attachment (which surprised me too, but it really is just a great design.)

Soooo, I am going to look around for something in Orlando.

I’m thinking of using a mild green color and then for the wheels possibly using two different types of a dark contrasting blue. I do not like white as a color on a quilt, things always get spilled or stained.

Any Ideas about the color combos, I am not always so good at these?


PS:  My hip is feeling much improved over the past two days. FINALLY.


5 thoughts on “Just Right!

  1. Ohh, I really like that one. As far as color combos go, I always thought quilts in shades of blue were pretty. You could always go with complimentary colors as well. Reds & blues, shades of lilac and yellow, etc…

    Glad to hear your hip is better!

  2. This is very nice! Good luck with it, I’m sure it will be beautiful when you’re done. Sorry to hear the ladies at your local shop were not nice. Keep on plugging. You’ll find help. If necessary, you can look up online quilting groups, by Googling them. Though you can’t talk in person, message boards can be helpful as far as directions/solving problems. Usually you get more than one response.

    • Carol, I’ve started to get a lot of help via a message board. I wonder if I was just too too vague for the women. Some people are very concrete thinkers.

      Of course now I’ve been more bitten by the bug and am planning a stars through the window baby quilt for my pregnant friend. If she would just decide on beatrix potter or winnie the pooh, I’d be all set, as that pattern is much easier.

  3. I really like that pattern, though it reminds me of the quilts made by Ojibwe women in Minnesota and the Dakotas. The wheels are supposed to symbols for the sun. I recently saw a quilt with purple leaves on a dark blue background. I don’t know if you want something that dark, but I like cool colors. Otherwise the green background with light blue wheels would look pretty.

    LOL the quilting store ladies—you probably got them in the middle of a juicy conversation and they were waiting for you to leave so they could finish it. But I’ve generally found that when you ask people to look at digital images, they’re not happy about it. I don’t know why—it depends on the age of the person and their familiarity with computers and digital equipment. My mother’s hairdresser always asks for a picture on paper when I ask her to cut my hair. Showing a picture on my digital camera or cellphone just won’t do it for her, maybe because the digital image won’t stay up for more than a few minutes.

    Also, some people are paranoid about having a stranger’s flash drive placed into their computers because flash drives are known to contain viruses. Not that they had one in that store you went to, but just saying. I tried to get a printing shop to plug in my flash drive and upload a paper from that, but nothing doing—they would only accept a paper copy, which defeated the whole point of my coming to a print shop.

    • I never though about the virus potential….that is a problem, especially as I was not known to them.

      The ladies weren’t necessarily rude, but I think I may have interrupted and I had such a vague need that it didn’t hit home with them. One never really knows when you go to a place what kind of mood someone will be in….

      I’m not giving up on this pattern, though apparently doing the wheels will be a bit difficult….I think I will cut them out large and then make triangle cuts so I can turn the edge under…and then….

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