End of week three, Start of week four!

Today marks 22 days since I had my surgery.

I went into PT and was told that I was starting week 5.  We discussed this for a while and then finally pulled out a calendar.  My PT is good, but he seems to have problems with calculating days, as we have been through this once before.  When it was finally established where I was, he was like, “Oh so you are doing well.”

We actually had more conversation with me asking tons and tons of questions about “can i do this”  “why does this feel like that”  and etc.  He was helpful.

I walked for him and he said it looked a lot better than the last time.  I have a deep seated fear that I will “learn” the gait and continue to use it after I am better.  He reassured me that I am only walking that way because my hip muscles are weak.

I was allowed to do some new exercises, bridges….and a few other items with weights.

The hip mostly feels tight.  I am doing better and better on pain control, though my adductor tendon, which was not worked on during surgery continues to be painful.  I am hoping as my hip becomes normal again, that this will resolve.

He then pushed and pulled on my leg, more so than in the past.  While I did not exactly identify anything as painful, I found once he finished that, I felt oddly nauseated.

I can sort of sleep on my left side again which is a relief…though it is not that comfortable.  I worry about sleep because I think it is so so essential to the healing process.

So all is well.  When I do sleep through the night, I find I do have increased energy.  I’m doing more little shopping trips, and planning projects to keep me busy.

My only worry now is my poor dog.  I want to have him back but he is rather high demand on care as he must be walked quite a bit and he is HUGE.  SO, I have this guilt is letting him stay on his extended vacation a few miles away, where he is actually having a great time I hear… I feel a  little lazy and all, but at the same time, if he knocks me down the stairs this will be awful!

been reading some, and will soon post up some book reviews…



6 thoughts on “End of week three, Start of week four!

  1. Could it be possible your PT guy has A.D.D.? That may be why he can’t remember dates and such or seems scattered. As for missing your dog, I’m sorry. Hopefully soon he can come home to you. Do you see him at all? Glad you’re getting sleep…I get about three hours due to my piriformis/hip problem. I bought tennis balls and also a big foam roller and have used both today. Right now my hip feels okay, but I think my bed is too soft, so probably the pain will come back tonight. I keep working at it though, hoping I hit upon something that will take the pain away permanently. Enough about me…continue to feel better!

    • You know, I never even considered ADD. He has a Ph.D. in Physical therapy so one would think, but then again…I think in some ways he is just distracted by his big year coming up…and he tends to be less focused, I noted, on Fridays, which is sort of funny when I think about it. I so appreciate that he does listen to all my questions and takes them very seriously, and gives me answers. I can not imagine the amount of psychology he has to do in a day if all his patients are similar to me! I ‘ll bet he does get tired of us at times.

      I hope the foam roller helps, I’ve heard great things about them. I think PT would definitely help you. My Mom just went through a course of it for her back and knee, she was so disappointed when she reached her goals and did not need to go anymore!!!!

  2. Your PT might have such a large caseload he can’t remember all of his patients. When I was enrolled in an HMO clinic, my general practitioner kept getting me confused with another Asian patient she had and kept calling me “Joyce.” I tried not to take it personally because I had a similar problem remembering all of the students I worked with over the years—it’s just not possible to remember every face and name, unless there was an incident that caused them to stand out in my memory (usually bad, unfortunately). It is worrying however: I was concerned that one day my doctor would forget details like my allergy to penicillin or my not having a spouse to drive me home after a procedure. (“Joyce” apparently was married—my doctor always asked about my husband!)

    It sounds encouraging however that you’re off the crutches and walking on your own feet, even if it’s not a normal gait. Your dog probably misses you as much as you miss him, so when you’re up to caring for him, you can make up for time lost. Can you guys not visit each other once in a while, preferably with someone to make sure he’s not jumping all over you?

    • I think my PT knows me, because we know each other from work. He I think just gets distracted.
      Boy, I would be so so irritated if I was being called “Joyce” all the time! I also found out that he is rather into my case because he is convinced that he “diagnosed it” He diagnosed the last woman to have this surgery, and did her PT. He forgets that I was sent with the diagnosis from the MD…and I am content to let him think that. (I heard him explaining all of this to an Observing PT student last week, it was sort of funny.)

      I feel like I am doing pretty well, and it is such a relief to be able to move around on my own. THe pain is much decreased, and I look back at the first two weeks especially as a very difficult nightmare!!! But I also admit to calculating a time when I will once again feel “Normal” I am calculating til December!

  3. Sufficient sleep is incredibly important to the healing process (as well as to the emotional and mental state) – so I’m glad you are mostly getting a good night’s sleep and it’s nice to be able to sleep again on that left side. My PT people were always really good and professional and seemed to remember everyone’s names – I was always impressed with how even the “helpers” knew our names.

  4. Glad to hear that you are getting better week by week. It sounds like your dog is being well cared for while you heal. You’ll be back to your normal walks with him before you know it. Looking forward to the book reviews.

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