Turning a new corner….

Funny how Tuesdays often seem like progress days!

Today turned out very nice.

On Monday my PT guy and I talked and he noted that I was “Walking great but still leaning all over the place”! So oddly, today I noted that I am walking less and less like a Drunken Sailor (sorry Sailor Babo!).  I also think I might be walking to an almost normal snail speed.  I will admit, I am still very paranoid about my hip.  We have a lot of summer programs going on at the gym, so many many elementary aged school children rushing around.  They are having a good time, but there are always a few that just do not look where they are headed.  I know it must look like I am scowling at them, because I am always surveying the kid crowd to be sure that there isn’t one zeroing in accidently on my hip.

Walking without a list is very nice, it makes me feel more and more anonymous again.

I saw one of my Charge Nurses at the gym today too. She was so complimentary  of my cycling!  I enjoyed seeing her, and am looking forward to work with her again.  Of course my other fear is of someone running a stretcher right into my hip…because that has happened multiple times.  and it never feels good.

I cycled for 30 minutes and then….because my incisions have finally healed…

I went into the swimming pool!!!!

It was great!  I swam 30 laps, which is 750 yards.  Not too much, but I did not want to overdo it on my first time out.

It has been so hot here that the pool was extremely refreshing…

and exhausting.  I had lunch and spent most of the afternoon

fast asleep like these kittens.  I was awakend, as I usually am, when my bedroom gets uncomfortably too warm in the afternoon….

I think I am almost ready to get my Pooch back, which is a good thing because I can see that my firend has come to realize he is HUGE and sometime shard to deal with….

and go back to work.  I hope I am able to survive work!!!!


11 thoughts on “Turning a new corner….

  1. Glad you could swim today, I know that had to feel good! I hope you can get your dog soon.
    Glad your hip is continuing to improve. Can’t wait to see your first quilt blocks, hope you will
    post a photo or two!

  2. Yes, as soon as the material comes in the mail, I’ll post up some photos… I decided to start out slow. But I have to admit I am excited.

    I can not believe some of the things these women do with the Long Arm on those quilting forums!

  3. Swimming is so cool when you haven’t been able to move around much on land! When my doctor allowed me to take a water aerobics class following my knee injury, I was overjoyed. You bob around and don’t have to fear gravity at all, but you feel like your body is really working itself.

    But isn’t it good to hear from other people you look great? I’m thinking, you were undergoing surgery last month before Memorial Day, and look how soon you’re up and moving! I don’t know how much time you have off from work, but it strikes me that maybe in another month, you’ll be very near normal again. Enjoy your progress!

    • It was really great and also for a Florida Gal, so nice to feel the warm sun on my (sunscreened) back.
      I’m feeling pretty positive. I will probably be back at work by July 1. I wish I could take another month off, but…I think I do need to get back into things and make some money…to pay for the new quilting habit…

      The only strange thing now is that while I am back walking, running takes a much bigger toll on everything, so I will have to wait on that.

    • Teuleu, the dog is about 90-92 pounds. He comes just up to my knee. Ages ago when he was about 6 months old…he and I were running on a gravel track at about 4 am, and he barrelled into me, knocking me right into the gravel….(You know that point in runing where none of your feet are on the ground…kind of hard to balance…) I keep remembering that.

      But he is 5 yrs old now, and the most he does is to sometimes feel the need to rush down the stairs….

  4. My foot surgeon suggested swimming but the manservant (quite rightly) said “you will never get her in a pool” 🙂 We came to a compromise when I said we have a spa bath – I used to fill that every night and move my foot against the jet to strengthen it. Both our water and electricity bills were really high for a couple of months!

  5. Oh me gosh! Those kittens are adoooorable LOL Yours?
    Well I would say that having a stretcher driven into your hips can’t be very comfortable – even for someone who hasn’t had surgery 😉

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