Set back, or par for the course?

Today has not been a really great day.

I woke up this morning and noted that I had a lot of pain.  Because I am so so paranoid about my labrum

re-tearing and causing me pain I actually have started to completely close my eyes and then point to the pain.   THis morning it was mostly in my quadriceps right below the incision.  I’ve been increasing my walking, and yesterday went up and down several flights of steps.  I’m also swimming now, and increasing my weights program.  So I expected pain.

I fiddled around, went to the gym and did my usual program, Cycle, weights, swim.  I saw my PT and he made an effort to talk to me for some time.  He indicated it was probably that I have not used my quad that much in a month.  He asked if I was having an “Intra-articular” pain, meaning hip pain in my joint.  I said, No I dont think so.

My pain is so generalized….

At one moment it hurts here, then ten minutes later it hurts there….then…you know.

After all the workout, I went to K-Mart looking for thread for my sewing machine.  K-Mart here no longer carries thread, or anything else it seems.  I walked around and left.

Went home, had lunch, and then went back out and got thread.

By the time I got home from my second excursion I was in horrible pain, and I was actually limping.

I took percocet.  (with Benadryl to try to not itch.). It seemed to help.

I then finally sat down to figure out the machine and the threading.  It took about 30 minutes of reading directions, and staring at some impossibly small parts!  I did get it working and was able to sew some scraps I had.  I do like my new machine!

Then I was struck again by miserable pain.  Right in the “labrum” pain area.  Horrible.

I just don’t know what to think.

Logically…this is probably all part of the process.

Emotionally, I am totally freaking out!!!!

I did stop Sitting at the 90 degree angle at the sewing table and go stretch my leg into a more comfortable 160 degree angle and the pain lessened.  This is all well and good, but…the whole point of the surgery was so I could sit, and run without this pain.

Well there is nothing I can do.  I am going to take anti-inflammatories and some strong pain-killers.  read a little and REST the leg a lot today and even tomorrow. I go to PT in the afternoon.  Hopefully it is just a passing thing.  It could easily all be muscular.  Or not.  but there’s no way to tell until it gets some good rest.

It is not really fun to wait and wonder.  Plus I don’t like to let anyone know how concerned I am.

One thing, I have learned to be much more patient than I had been in the past.

I just hope this is just one of those things…..


4 thoughts on “Set back, or par for the course?

  1. Sorry to hear about your continued hip pain…we are in the same boat, as it were. My hip is pain is still flaring up. Sounds like your PT guy is confident that your pain is going to subside soon…maybe take it a little more easier on yourself, don’t do so much stuff every day?

    • I took a hot bath! My first one since the surgery. It seems to have helped a lot. Tomorrow my fabric is scheduled to be delivered, soooo, I think I know what I will be doing tomorrow!

  2. When I read your posts I remind myself not to whine about my arthritic hands, which aren’t debilitating, only inconvenient. But goodness, take it easy and give yourself a day off. I realize you are used to lots of physical activity, but having holes drilled into your hip is no small procedure. Isn’t there a movie on Netflix you want to watch, or a good book? Something you could enjoy in a reclining position?

    (My son is watching horror films while he recuperates. Go figure.)

    • Whats funny is that I really hate movies. It is so hard to sit still for that long.
      What I really need to do is the dishes!!! and that is what I shall be doing today, THe hip is feeling improved. Now I am just afraid to do anything!

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