Update time!

My Hip is a big suckky mess!  I have had 2-3 days of pretty severe pain, and pain that if not the same, resembles my labral pain.  I went into PT today and was so miserable.  To add to my misery, a PT assistant, who does not work with me, seemed to want to interject herself into everything I was doing today…She has a very authoritative manner, which is great for some people, but I find it annoying.  I find it most annoying that each time she has interjected herself into my treatment she talks about my knee…which really tells me she has no business talking to me about anything!!!  She finally asked today while PT was stretching my leg what actually happened.  I was too tired to explain, so my PT did.  After that she said, “oh”  and that was it.  She has no experience with the surgery and so I hope I hear nothing out of her but encouragement from now on.  I admit, currently I am easily irritated, but there is nothing wrong with my knee.

Now that I am home from PT, it would seem that the hip is somewhat better. thank goodness! PT wants me to essentially take the weekend off, no biking, only walking the pool if I feel like it (I hate that so no pool!).  Walking as needed for daily stuff, but not for extra.  I’m ok with it.  Perhaps it is just inflammation and with a bit of intense rest, it can heal.

It is a very scary moment.  I want the surgery to be a success.  I’m feeling  a sense of Kismet.  But I am battling it at the same time.  There is nothing I can do. tincture of time.

Weather:  Normally I do not update on weather…but…We are having lightning and thunder each night but very little rain.  very frustrating.  We need the rain, and other places seem to be getting too much rain!

Fabric:  My friend is due in December, so I have plenty of time.  The fabric came in the mail today and is in the Wash!!!! as soon as I press it and my camera battery charges, I will post up some photos of my progress….

Yesterday I got my sewing machine completely set up. My goodness.  I would have thought that machines would have changed some since the 1970’s, but no, they still thread maddeningly the same way.  Initially I wound a bobbin with the wrong thread, which was way too thick, so I had to redo that.  I was about to pull my hair out when suddenly everything worked.  THough I do not understand how anyone with normal vision and dexterity grads that bottom thread.  I had to use a surgical tool from work!

When I go back to see the Physician on Wednesday, i expect him to send me back to work.  I am irritated in that I am going back to work in almost the same condition as I left, still with irritation from sitting, and some trouble getting around.  hopefully, this will continue to resolve….hopefully.  Or maybe, even better, he might give me two more weeks off of work!!!


3 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Take it easy. You might feel like Superwoman, but do listen to your body. a few days or a couple weeks of down time for a life time of health is a small price. Listen to me on my soapbox – I don’t even walk my own talk!

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