Updates updates….

So my hip bothered me on an off for most of the day.  I did a little shopping and cleaning, and thought long and hard about it.

I really have no control over the situation.  I assume it will improve, at some point.

The pain disappeared from the area I am worried about for a few hours and I had some odd pain in the “rear”  which was much more welcome than the groin pain.  It seems to come and go without provocation.  If I knew that I was still healing and getting better, this pain wouldn’t matter one bit, it isn’t unbearable.  It’s just the wondering that is getting to me.   Well,  rest tomorrow and then PT on Monday.  I will try to be more positive, and hopefully things will continue to settle out!  I am encouraged that the pain is coming and going.  As the pain very rarely left me when I had the tear.

I worry about going back to work, as I am sure I can.  I find it hard to conceive of a work schedule that does not have to work around training, it is very strange.  I am going to try for a bunch of 8 hr shifts though, just so I can have a break.

I spent some time today trying desperately to put together an easy nine patch quilt.  Well.

Not That Easy!

First I had to cut all these strips using a rotary cutter.  I got all tangled in the strips of fabric.  So I got smart and made small strips, and then sewed them together, and together…

I would post a photo of my attempt, but my camera, like another blogger’s is not behaving correctly.

In theory…this is what my block should look like.

Well.  Mine Looks similar to that, but I, like many beginning quilters, was not really able to get the squares all perfectly lined up…

There was a smudge on my lens, sorry for the out of focus appearance…

To be quite honest, I still like it.  I have gotten the hang of pressing and such and I am enjoying the actual sewing part, though I wonder if there isn’t a way to make my sewing  more  straight….

I also wonder if part of my problem is simply the flannel. More difficult for me than regular cotton….

the precise-ness demanded may be my downfall…One reason I have always like applique.  You cut out a shape and stick it on…

In other News!!!

Teulu came home today.  He has been 100% well behaved.  He spent about 40 minutes sniffing every corner of the house…going from room to room and back again…We went for a walk, and he was definitely faster than I but adjusted by happily sniffing away at everything.

I was a little worried about having him back, but I could tell my friend had had enough of him.  She never said so but…you can tell you know.  He is sadly, a big MESS!  his coat is blown and he has burrs and all sorts of things stuck in it.  So to the groomer we shall go, hopefully on Monday.  He is totally chilled out on the rug, Not really sure if that will last but for the moment, I am enjoying his mellow-ness….My friend did a great job.  It’s hard to have an extra dog under foot for 4 weeks straight.  I owe her a gift card from the feed store so she can get some food.

Sooo, I am cautiously optimistic.  Well, not very about the quilt, but…about the hip and the dog…yes.

I really have not thought much about what I shall do if the hip procedure is a failure….I have thought about it a bit…and I just can not wrap my head around it….


7 thoughts on “Updates updates….

  1. Yes, cutting flannel is more difficult, it slips around. I’ve not used it much in quilts, but I generally have problems with it too. I’m having so much trouble cutting fabric anymore that I’m thinking of buying the Accuquilt GO. http://www.accuquilt.com it’s a fabric cutting machine and not inexpensive. But, with all the mistakes I make with *expensive* fabric, in my mind it may be well worth paying $200 for. Joann Fabrics has it and right now it’s on sale for 199.00. If I let the sale go and get it at regular price, I can apply a 50% off coupon and get it for $150. THAT’S the cheapest price anywhere. But, this is a dream, can’t get it yet.

    Anyway, glad to hear that Teulu is back home. I’m sure he’s really happy to be in his familiar home! Keep on truckin’ with your hip. Like me, I know you’re waiting to be rid of the pain and the aggravation.

  2. I see the accuquilt. I would think that would be something for a guild to purchase and everyone to use, but…then you have to be involved in a guild…and everyone has to use it which could be maintainence problems.
    the price of the “Go” may come down in a bit. if it were 50.00 I bet I’d go for it. one more bit of junk to try to fit into my apartment!

  3. It’s too early to say “failure” yet. You just got your dog buddy back, you’re working on a quilt (nice colors, I like!) and you’ve been far more active than I would have been after surgery. Cut yourself some slack and rest a bit, especially since you don’t seem to have a good medication to quiet the pain.

    Can you ask your doctor to give you a little more time off from work, especially since you are on your feet most of the day? You might remind him that a failed healing after the surgery would result in a “poor outcome.” Or as a friend reminded me once, “Sometimes it’s good to whine.”

    • Thank you So so much! THere is a lot of interesting things going on. I just realize how much I miss my regular life. I want to run, and plan little trail trips and go swim luckys lake and do the things I want to do…not sew tiny little pieces of fabric together. (well, I dont mind, but the project is bigger than I imagined….)

      I’ll be seeing the doc on Wednesday. I imagine he would give me another month off, but…I think it might be good for me to go back to work, even if it was only part time. THis is our quiet time, so it is less busy, and even though I have money, making money is better than spending. (Boy was I raised by people who were raised by Depression Era people or what!)
      I appreciate your comments, it is just not that interesting to hear whining.

  4. The advantage of having a desk job was that I could go back to work for half days first. Even when I got to full days I’d have a lie down in the “wellness room” in the middle of the day! If you can avoid rushing back to those 8++ hour days on your feet it would be good – is there the possibility of you starting back on only 4 hours?

  5. I admire that you do the quilting. I once tried to sew a curtain in white and black squares. I managed exactly on length. Then I was so fed up that I couldn’t be bothered anymore. Though that has been almost 13 years ago. So now I kind of decided that I will be more patient and sometime in the nearer future going to make myself a bedspread. Not very advanced quilting but still made of squares 😛

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