Quilting Frenzy

in the past week, I have decided I really really hate Flannel, or flannelette, or anything soft like that for sewing.

Firstly I think I bought some less expensive flannel, and I am having trouble with it because of that.  I tried to tear out a seam today and the whole piece just sort of shredded.  THe striped flannel has held up the best.

This is the “frame” for my nine patch.  As you can see, I had some issues.  the squares are all supposed to come together nicely, but I measured a little off, I suppose and this is what happened!!!

After remeasuring  THIS is as good as it gets.

Well, I actually got it so that all four corners match up on most of the squares.  I have made 6 of the 18 I need.


I’m really hating the flannel.  It sticks to itself, and stretches in ways that regular cotton does not.  I can see it was a mistake to choose this fabric for a first quilt, but heck I didn’t know flannel stretched out like that.  It may also be that I inadvertently chose some lower quality fabrics.  I also am finding that a Toddler sized quilt is remarkably a lot bigger than I imagined!!!!

Not all of my stitching is 1/4 inch either.

I’m sitting here Listening to the washer go through the spin cycle and just thinking about the whole thing coming apart in there.  Maybe I should only wash on gentle…

On the PLUS side.  I did get most of the corners to line up on my blocks (I just didn’t photo them all.)

And I love the way the colors are looking together, I made good good choices.

I certainly am learning things.  I am really excited to start to work on my stars through the window quilt because  I have great fabric that is almost all of the same brand and quality so…it should be easier to work with, especially as it is cotton, plain cotton.

I am enjoying my new little hobby, but I do hope I get a little bit better at it, because I ahte to waste all the pretty materials.



4 thoughts on “Quilting Frenzy

  1. You did very well with these blocks! You used what I consider the #2 most difficult fabric to work with…silk being #1. Flannel has its own very unique properties, as you have found out, so it’s not the recommended ‘starter’ fabric for beginning quilters. Choosing it was rookie mistake, don’t worry about it, just get through it the best you can.

    There are books on the market on how to sew with flannel. Even though you won’t use it again for sewing, the books tell all the tricks to get nice quilts and other items with this fabric. I’ve seen many flannel quilts in quilt magazines. Doesn’t matter…I hate the stuff. I do use the thin plaid flannel that is used for men’s shirts. That is easier to sew and is more like cotton. It has just a bit of slippage to it, but if I pin it very heavily, I have no problems. I’ve made quite a few blocks with that type of flannel.

    Keep going, things will hopefully get better. Please do try to use the 1/4″ seam, it’s really the main quilting rule. If your seam(s) are off, everything is off. I read somewhere that cutting pieces correctly for a quilt is the #1 rule for a quilt that goes together correctly and #2 is the 1/4″ seam.

  2. Thanks so much! I am powering through and learning a lot about accurate cutting and all! I have to admit it is a bit discouraging…but. I have made about 9 of the blocks. So I need 9 more and then the in-between blocks and the triangles. Still I feel I might be able to do better with more normal material…..

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