5 week follow up

I had my Five week follow up yesterday.   I didn’t post yesterday because I also had my repeat OB/GYN visit (Love the doc, his assistants are irritating.), then the follow up, then a visit to employee health, then PT.  After all that, I was done done done.    Especially after going to the OB for a quick follow up for my osteopenia and being grilled by the assistant about my choice of birth control!

I had really worked myself up into a lather about how I was doing.  I think it did not help that the Physical Therapist was entirely never reassuring, he just always looked worried about my pain.

SO.  My pain is normal.  I am doing well.  I am progressing like I am supposed to be.   The PT was basing his concern (if he was concerned?)  on one other person who had a similar procedure and became pain free.

What a relief!    Dr. Brcka explained to me, without violating HIPPA that the procedure I had was more complicated than the other one that my PT was referring to and that it was definitely going to be more painful.  I can deal with pain, as long as I know it is supposed to be present.

He also gave me a copy of the actual rehab protocol.  I should have asked the PT for it, because now I can see exactly what I am supposed to be doing and how often!  I feel a little more in control.

My PT looked pretty relieved when he saw me smiling away as I cycled. The first thing he said was, “Wow, big smile!”

I noticed, not surprisingly, he was much more willing to work with me as a cheerful person…and I think he was a lot less concerned regarding having me do the exercises.  I know I have issues with very negative people when I am working….so not surprising that he may have as well.

He did, I noticed, stop really distracting my hip from the joint, and then asked me what the doc had said about that….which was nothing.  This does make me think some sort of communication went on between the two of them that i am unaware of, in that perhaps he was told *not* to do it.  But its just hard to tell.

One thing I think would be nice is if rather than having me go to the appointment and then relay information…I think the MD, the PT and the patient could all sit down together for 20 mins.  I know that would be expensive, but it would surely make communication much much easier.  I have a slight advantage being a Nurse, so I can not even imagine how confusing all this would be if I were not.

And I have one more month off of work.  Employee health was not entirely excited about that, in fact they were surprised.  But I am protected by law, and really after she got over it she mentioned several times how much worse it would be if I were to go back against the physicians recommendations.  Since I am feeling better, I do plan to try to make the best of my month off and really care for my body and my home.  I hope to get rid of a lot of clutter…and maybe arrange things in a more comfortable fashion.  Plus I need to start eating normally again.  My trainer really got me hooked on Milkshakes.  Yum Yum. I have put on 8 pounds!  Soo, I brought him one the other night because he could put on 8 with no issues….


6 thoughts on “5 week follow up

  1. Yay, more time off! Why not celebrate by having one more milkshake (and make it a large)? 😉

    I’ve heard that patients who are “pleasant,” meaning cheery, upbeat and willing to follow orders, receive better care than those who are not. If it’s true, I don’t think it’s fair: not all of us are thrilled to be undergoing care for a serious physical illness or mishap, and if I’m in pain, I’m especially NOT going to be Mary Sunshine. (I actually tend to be stoic, but that’s also worked against me, since doctors and nurses assume I’m “fine” if I’m not complaining.) It’s too bad the doctor didn’t explain earlier that your procedure was more complicated than normal, but now that you know that, I hope you can relax and “enjoy” your recovery!

    • We as ED nurses like stoic people, as long as they tell us, “My pain is severe” …
      It is difficult though to deal with someone who seems to be spewing “ill-will” towards everyone. And I am sure I was giving my PT guy the Evil eye, because I desperately wanted to hear some reassurance.

  2. It’s too bad you can’t have a meeting with your PT guy and the Dr. All concerns would be addressed, and I’m sure you’d feel more at ease about your hip.

    One more month off work…sometimes a good thing, sometimes bad, depending on how you work it. Boredom is the worst thing when one has a long time away from the job. Decluttering sounds like a plan…something I hope to do soon with my house. Feel better!

    • I am feeling pretty good now so I am mostly concentrating on reading, taking care of the quilt situation…and all the exercise… I really need to start the decluttering. Today I addressed the bathroom, but did not get too far…

  3. That’s all good news; especially knowing that your pain is “normal” for what you had done. I’m glad you got more time off work and that there are things to keep you occupied while you are off. Those quilts are going to be fabulous. Whenever I think of “decluttering” I get put off by the seeming enormity of the task – I think I have a hoarder gene in me!

  4. Oh I hope they keep you out of the system as long as it takes. My mum used to work as a nurse and I know how straining it can be physically. Rather waiting a little too long then going back to early. But your progress do sound really good!

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