Back to running, err sort of.

It’s been a  good and painful week for me.

I seem to have finally stopped being insane, entirely.  Calm has taken over completely.

I had my session with my PT yesterday, and it was pretty clear he had been spoken to by the manager.  He tried so hard to talk to me, but I just was very non communicative.  However.  He did appear to actually observe me doing the things  I do in PT.  He made a few comments that I seemed stronger, and probably based on whatever conversation he and the manager had, we seem to be more closely following the protocol.

I graduated to Leg press on the machine…. and RUNNING, in the pool.

This time he did explain that I should use the shallow end, so that I get the “push off” from the bottom.  The first day I did it, wow, it was harder than I thought on my hip!  and my feet.  So today I invested in those grippy “aqua Shoes” and it was much easier on my feet.

I don’t use a flotation belt because it’s silly to have one when you are standing in 3-4 ft water.  So I just strap on my aqua shoes, and “run slowly”  up and down the length of the pool.  Believe it or not, it KILLS my hip from the mild impact.  BUt it feels like running, and I love it.  I’m trying to do a half an hour daily.  Funny thing is that I am not sure if it is burning any calories, so I then have to swim for a half hour as well.

As far as the PT.  Well we are just an odd match.  It’s rare for me to feel totally uncomfortable with someone, but I do with him.  At any rate, I feel as if I am back on track.

The pain that I feel is I would say 90-100% sore muscles, rather than that deep agonizing hip/groin pain I was having.

At this point, I feel pretty good.  I actually still have a lot of pain, but it’s in the “right places”  not the old place.  I have about 20-22 days left with no work, so I plan to try to do 2 a day workouts (morning 1 hr in pool, afternoon bike and weights) to try to lose the post surgery weight (6 llbs!  I have lost 2 of them so far, so 4 lbs) and try to get “buff”

Plus, After a long talk today, one of my dearest friends and I have decided we should enter the lottery for a race in Utah in March.  We ran it in the past…and I loved it.  If we get in it will be great, its a 50/50 proposition, but having a little wee run (Half Marathon) to look forward to is just lovely.

Edited to add, for an informative post on aquajogging, look here


8 thoughts on “Back to running, err sort of.

  1. Glad to hear the recovery is coming along. I’ve heard from so many sources how good pool running is as a low-impact exercise. From the picture I hope you’re making sure to wear your lipstick and mascara! 🙂

    • I try hard to keep up appearances. BUt with my new snazzy Old lady pool shoes and my “Vampire bite” scars on my thigh, I think I will need more than mascara and lipstick 😀

  2. My doctor recommended water aerobics when I was recovering from a knee injury, but I didn’t lose much weight while taking a 3x-week class for six weeks. Mostly, I felt better about moving around and flexing my body after sitting around for nearly a month, moping in front of the TV. It has to be a psychological boost to be able to run around like that. Nice to hear you’re feeling well enough to talk about doing a race again!

    I have to confess however that photo cracks me up. When I see models in swimsuits posing with makeup on, I wonder what happens when they actually get into the water. Do they get raccoon eyes afterwards? 😀

  3. Wearing a vest in 3ft of water?! Talk about a nanny mentality. Suppose on second thought, it would be of use if said person suddenly collasped in the pool. Actually I wonder if treading water in the deep end, like maybe 10 ft plus, might not have the same effect.

    • For no impact, runners often run in the deep end of the pool, and then the flotation vest is really useful, as it keeps you positioned just right. Unfortunatly right now, I need the “impact” of striking the foot against the bottom, I laugh when I say that but it really is intense.

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