Life’s Little Updates!

Well it’s been a week.

My Life is so crazy lately.  So much focus on my hip and recuperation, and not much else, I feel sometimes as if I am slowly descending into some sort of depression/madness.

On Tuesday My Friend Sam’s Father passed away after a long battle with prostate cancer.  I knew he had been sick and was probably not going to live through the summer, but it still surprised me.  Sam and I were in the same grade, and pals since we were about 3-4 years old.  We reconnected, like so many on FB and discovered we have a lot in common as adults. I really enjoy his still as an adult.   His Dad was one year younger than my parents.  I can not even begin to think about losing one of my parents.  So, I have been trying to quietly comfort Sam, and not freak out over the fact that we all, including my parents, are quite mortal…

Wednesday I had a physical therapy appointment.  I was feeling pretty good, and somewhat brave.  I finally mentioned that I thought we were behind in the protocol.  He said, “I dont even know what week you are in”  and at that I freaked out.  Total BI$^% all over him.  To his credit he was totally neutral and professional.  He said, well we can look at the protocol.  I then admitted that Dr B. gave me the protocol at the last follow up.  He gave it to me mostly because I asked if I could do squats and lunges.  At that point he said, NO!  and then started to ask, “are you doing them?”  I said no, and he said, well lets print off a protocol so you know what the plan is.  I hope the PT did not interpret this as Dr. B. wanting me to be on the exact protocol.  I am sure he does not care.  I am not really sure I care either, but I do want to know why I am where I am….I fuss over the protocol because it is the only way I can see any progress.

After my big blow up, we did some lunges, and I learned the proper way to lunge.  which is difficult!!!  He explained to me that he can not advance me because my gait is still Antalgic looking.  I said that was fine, but he needed to explain to me more because the more I know, the easier it is for me to know what to do.

Well this was all witnessed out in the open by the PT aide.  She is a little odd.  AS I was doing some mat exercises she started to pepper me with questions regarding why I lived in the town, was I married, why did I come to live here….I felt like I was being interrogated.  In addition, I felt like she was judging me a bit….Ugh.

In the end I ended up admitting part of my “issue” with My PT is that I am highly intimidated by him.  He was shocked.  But he doesn;t see himself as I do.  I see him as holding the keys to my success.

What he allows me to do, refuses to let me do, etc all has a direct bearing on my return to running.  So yes, I am intimidated by him.  On top of that he has an annoying habit of just walking away when a person is mid-sentence. He does it to me and I have seen him do it to others.

Well, all thursday I cried a bit and felt just dejected.  I was so frustrated.  I was going to talk to the PT manager about switching or getting a referral to another PT group.  But, when I turned around and finished my cycling, she was not present.  Good thing.

Today was the PT experience I expected.  My PT watched my gait, which he has been complaining about and after about 3 rounds, he diagnosed two problems with my gait.  I’m taking a huge step with my good leg and a short one with my right.  After some fiddling he told me to try to walk faster.  As I sped up, the problem disappeared.  So, for the moment, the solution is to “Speed up”  He watched me do the weights, and found I was doing some of the hip rotations incorrectly and corrected my technique.  I still had moments where I was working on my own, which was fine because everything was clear, I knew what I was to be doing and I knew why.  I was SO happy.  Also he seems OK with the idea of me running a 5K in late October, and a 10K in November.  He did not like the idea of me running any Half Marathon, but…that will come….

I wish we had this blow out sooner, because for the first time in ages I feel like he is working towards the same goal I am.  I feel a deep sense of relief.  I hope this is a harbinger of good stuff.

and healing. I still have mild labrum groin pain but it comes and goes.  Eventually I hope it will just GO.


8 thoughts on “Life’s Little Updates!

    • It took a huge amount of chutzpah, of which I dont really have. But I feel much much better and the most cooperative than I have. And I can now use the ellipitical. So that is very exciting.

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of Sam’s father. I’m guessing you’re a good ten to 15 years younger than me (or more!), but there comes a point where every time you attend a funeral, you realize that someday your name or your loved ones’ names will be in the obituary section. It’s depressing and I try not to focus on that: but I wonder what it’s like for my parents, who see a funeral notice for one of their friends every month.

    Your PT sounds like he should be sent in for training in patient/customer relations. He sounds cavalier and emotionally dense—it sounds like he doesn’t even bother to check your chart before he sees you. I don’t think anyone should have to blow up at a health care professional in order to get better treatment. Good for you for doing it, but I hope the PT supervisor took notice too. Have a restful, pain-free weekend!

    • He really is a very good therapist, and after I talked to him I could see the light going on in his head. Most of the clients really express horror at the idea of exercising….so he has to cajole them.
      My favorite part of Friday was that he gave me instructions on exactly what I should do over the weekend. It made me feel great!

      Have you ridden your bike yet?

      • Alas, no, I didn’t have time. My father seems to have gone from being 88 years old to two and a half. I was waiting for him to lie down on the floor this evening and scream, “No no no!”

        Maybe tomorrow? That, or I’ll have to kill him. (I kid, I kid.)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. The monster walks will really help and you’ll be stronger when you get to running. The walking faster has a lot of logic behind it. When you run, you should be at a cadence of about 180. When I went to PT, I was about 160. I think that contributed to my injury. By stepping faster, either through walking or running, we are stepping mid-foot instead of heel and landing more evenly and we have a shorter stride. Keep up the great work with the PT. I know it can get discouraging.

    • Thanks Christina for your nice reply. I’m now 8 weeks out of surgery to repair my hip labrum and some bony abnormalities…so I’ve been more down lately than up. BUt I am starting to see a wee little light at the end of the tunnel… I was able to lift my leg up today…..which I had not been able to do in 2 years!

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