9 weeks follow up….all’s well

I had my 9 week follow up on Wednesday.  It took a while for me to update as I have actually been a little busy.

All it well.  I was SO nervous going into the follow up because I have been having so much problems with the Physical Therapist and also because it seemed that the Doctor was thinking I was somewhat insane.

To be honest, I always have to remind myself that I am one of many patients, and while I have a lot of time to dedicate to thinking about the PT and the Doctor, they don’t allocate that much time to me!

I also realized that while most of the time I was thinking hateful, poison dart filled thoughts towards my PT, I had managed to only express them 2-3 times.  Considering we have been working together 2-3 times a week for 4 months now, that really isn’t so bad.   I realize now that I was really angry a lot of the time, but did not express it.  Although conventional wisdom these days is all for expressing anger in “constructive”  and all sorts of flowery ways, I think it was probably best for me in this case to “eat it”.  More on this in a minute!

Anyway, back to the Surgeon. It was a busy day, and I waited a very long time.  I was then put in the furthest room from the door, and told by the Medical Aide that the Doc should be in “actually right away”.  I waited,  and waited, and waited some more.  I waited so long that the Aide had to put up the 2 green flags outside the room indicating that I had been waiting a Looong time.  During my wait I got nervous, and I was just sure there was going to be some sort of “showdown”.  In actuality, I noted that he saw the other patients and did an injection and scheduled a surgery, all before he saw me. I was starting to think he was trying really hard to avoid seeing me.   The up side to this nice long wait was that I had time to really sit and think about what I wanted to say.  Now, I had been thinking about it all week, but, given a nice silent room with NO distractions things get refined.

So he came in and sounded a little apprehensive as he repeated my name 3 times….and asked how things were.

I explained myself.  In general right now things are going well.  I tend to overdo things and so about every three days I find myself with bad groin pain.   So I told him that, and he agreed. I complained that sitting at a 90 degree angle continues to aggravate the groin to no end.  My adductor tendonitis is also still flaring, though it is improving.Luckily for me, my job does not require a ton of sitting.  I can not imagine how people manage to sit for 8 hours daily.   He seemed to suddenly be more comfortable and said, “You are in a good frame of mind now for your stage in recovery”.  I don’t mind having pain at this point, because it is unlikely that I can damage the labrum or anything. Well, I mind it but I dont panic about it. I do wonder if it will ever abate.

He then pulled on my right leg a bit and I reminded him he did surgery on my left.  I’m still not sure if he was just trying the right to see how it was before the left, or if he forgot.  Either way, I can forgive him. He then got my up on the table and manipulated my leg into some contorted shapes, which did set off some groin pain (Thanks Doc!).  He looked at my surgery date and then said, No running yet.  I agreed.  We then discussed the Psoas at my request and he decided to share that it was not just my Psoas that was tight, but that he noted a great deal of very unusual muscle imbalances in the leg during surgery. He thinks the imbalances may be causing me more challenges than anything else during my recovery.   I wonder why he didn’t tell me this before, but most likely, I was too anxious to hear him and when I am anxious, I tend to cut people off so they don’t say things I don’t want to hear. It is a lot of muscles all coming together, and these are just the quad ones.  So we work on that a lot now in PT. Lesson learned,  when I have pain that is on going, I should not continue to run on it, I should get help right away.  Most of the imbalances were caused by my leg compensating for the injury.

The doctor also said I could register to run the Disney Princess Half marathon in late February.  It will be my first “Big” race since the surgery.  He did tell me I should not try to race it or run it hard, I should walk some during it, and also that I had to promise not to shoot him if something goes wrong in the next 7 months.  I am a pacifist, so shooting is not in my books.  I told him I wanted to run a 5K in October, and he looked a bit pale.  he finally said, “Well, make it a flat one for me please.”  I agreed.

I go back to work on Monday. He asked if I wanted to and I explained that about 2 weeks ago the employee health nurse was working out at the gym, and found me hanging on the pull up bars and was quite curious as to the state of my medical leave. He grinned and said, you gotta go back…

He asked why I didn’t like my PT and I told him some of the reasons.  I appreciated that he did not disagree with me.  Instead he said, “Please just keep working with him”.  And so I am.

PT had improved so so much.  I really no longer think poison dart thoughts. Ever since I really lost my temper, my PT has appeared much  more focused on what we are doing.  The other day he was quite busy with another client, but he still was running inbetween us to make sure I was lifting things correctly, which was a change.

I tried running on the trampoline at therapy, and found it to be extraordinarily painful to the groin.  I’ve tried some new stretches for the Psoas and they seem to be helping quite a bit, though they leave my groin area feeling tender.

I have more therapy this afternoon and I hope he will help with pain control, and that I will be allowed to again try  to run on the trampoline.  Maybe this time it won’t hurt?

5 thoughts on “9 weeks follow up….all’s well

  1. Yeah I can get annoyed by a doctor who hits a certain paonful spot and then asks “did it hurt?’ But as my 90-some year old aunt who stil has her lisence to pratice medicine says, ‘How else is the doctor supposed to know where the problem is?’

  2. [This is painful]

    I hope your first week of returning to work goes well. The first day I came back to work after my rotator cuff injury, some clod ran into me in the hallway—right into my shoulder, of course. Maybe your supervisor can assign you to some low-impact duties?

    I almost want to tell you to be nice to your PT, lol. It’s not easy to get along with a person who doesn’t seem to listen to you, even when you’re hurting, but it sounds like your doctor wants you to continue working with him. How many more weeks of physical therapy do you have? If you know there’s an end to the torture, maybe it would be more endurable.

  3. I sit at a reception desk for 8+ hours a day – I have a very expensive ergonomic chair. Before I had that chair my back, hips and shoulders would be aching by the end of the day.

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