Really Short Life Update!

Wow, I think I have solved my own hip pain problem.

I was trying to do a Psoas stretch on the Swiss ball. Sort of like this, but a little bit more stability was involved in my stretch.

Anyway I felt a POP.  and immediate tenderness in the groin.  It swelled up and I sort of freaked out, stopped stretching and limped home and iced like crazy.  I considered going back on crutches.  I was quite worried.

The next day…voila,  the swelling had gone down, the tugging sensation I have had since surgery was gone and my hip now moves much more freely than before.

I told the PT, who looked at me like I was crazy, until he saw me walk…He was very surprised and told me I was “walking the best I have ever seen you walk, including before the surgery”.

Go figure.

I probably had an adhesion formed right after the surgery.  The Psoas stretch popped it loose.  Thank goodness that was what it was.

He had me skip the trampoline, and at my request did a Psoas release stretch, and had me walk after that, stating that now I was walking even better than earlier.

I Have not really had much pain since.

I went to get a prescription filled today and after wandering about the store finally decided to sit.  For the first time in forever, I actually could sit in relative comfort  with no concerns regarding the hip.

And then I did work on the trampoline.

Things are good.  good good.

6 thoughts on “Really Short Life Update!

  1. It is a HUGE relief to sit without much pain and to move about with out that tugging feeling. Especially as I go back to ten hour shifts on Monday! YIKES!

  2. A POP coming from your body normally isn’t a good thing, but in your case it was apparently was! It seems funny neither the doctor or the PT picked up on the adhesion. Is it very common following surgery?

    • They are somewhat common, and I was pretty sure I had one. I kept saying, “I have an adhesion” and they kept saying yeah, massage it. I figure it would actually pop loose when I started running, so I am glad it did it before. I think I feel one more in there. I think the PT just ignored it because there is not that much to do about it, unless they are really bad. At any rate, my hip feels AMAZING. I totally see now why I needed this surgery. If this is how people’s hips feel, well alright!

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