Back to work!

Oh Wow.

I went back to work on Monday.  I was sort of looking forward to it and also dreading it.

Monday was pretty good.  I did  triage which involved a lot of sitting which turned out of course to be painful.   It was a pretty busy day, and by the end of it, I was really really exhausted and sore.  But I was really happy that I had managed it.

Tuesday on the other hand was well, interesting.

I was assigned to the most difficult assignment in the joint, the trauma rooms.  The charge nurse alluded to the fact that she has seen that I have been biking and using the elliptical, so I must not need any special help.  Well.  I will do my workouts any day over a 12 hr day in the trauma rooms.

But I bit it.  I ended up with a man with a heart rate of 18, took him eventually to the cath lab.

It kind of looked like this.

I am assuming that anyone, even not medically trained, can recognize the issue with this.

Odd thing is that the guy was wide awake and seemed to be tolerating this pretty well.  Of course, one can not tolerate a rate of 18-20 for long.  So the Cath lab was the place to go.  I think I got a little tense while waiting for the cath lab to clear, mostly because the only medication we could give him was not doing a darn thing for his heart rate, and it kept getting slower.  By the time we got him over to the lab, I was in Miserable pain.  I really felt terrible.  Oddly, about a half hour later, I started to feel better.  I think I may have just tensed up the hip due to my stress.

After that, I got a 3 yr old kid who needed a Lumbar Puncture, not exactly a fun thing to do, and a little bit scary because you have to have a little kid stay still….a little cranky sick kid, hold still while we cause pain.  So we did that.  Not fun, but the child was an absolute trooper and did better than many adults.

While this was all going on, I was managing some type of intractable pain, a blood transfusion, and something else….

So I was feeling pretty good at the end of the day, when they pulled my kid out of the room, and stuck another patient in my room who was so ill that we had to helicopter her out….

So the entire day was I suppose pretty typical, but I have to admit, there were definitely some easier assignments that day!

I went home and was completely miserable.  Stretched  everything out, took an epsom salt bath, and iced down and fell asleep.  

The bath was super helpful.  I admit, I was a bit peeved over the assignment, but, at the same time it was nice to see I could do it.  I did have a few moments that morning of just staring at the software trying to figure out which thing to press to get to various area of the charting system…

I have a total new respect for my job.

I would rather do this all day than my job:

Walk 2-3 miles

elliptical 3 miles on level 5

Ride a stationary bike for 9 miles

Do a weights workout for 45 minutes

and run for 30 minutes in the pool.

All that in one day, did not make me as exhausted as 12 hours in the Emergency Department!

Luckily I have some time off now to recover, and track Tropical Storm Emily!

I was peeved today also, my friend who had a horrific bicycle accident and had her shoulder replaced and her hip pinned, was able to start running last week.  Bah!  I am still not allowed.  But I did run on the trampoline again!


9 thoughts on “Back to work!

  1. It sounds like you hit the ground running today. Wow, that was a lot. And you said that is normal for you?

    Hang in there. In time you’ll be back to doing your old things and doing them better than before. Soon this will all be a distant memory. I wish you continued healing, my friend.

  2. The charge nurse alluded to the fact that she has seen that I have been biking and using the elliptical, so I must not need any special help.

    Jeez, she really thinks that’s proof you should be thrown into combat? That’s like our old HMO, which told my husband, ‘You’re capable of getting out of your wheelchair to pee, so you must be okay.’

    Your work in the ER sounds stressful anyway, so I don’t know why anyone would make that sort of judgment about your being capable of working with patients in the trauma rooms. (Which sounds like the title of a horror film—“The Trauma Room!”) Maybe you should have acted more “injured,” but that doesn’t sound like you anyway. 🙂

    I do hope you get a break this weekend. I can imagine working out would be better than giving a child a lumbar puncture. Yikes.

    • It was odd. But.. It’s done, and it was with GREAT pleasure, that I was able to tell them today, No I am so sorry I will be unable to put in overtime today. (Same Charge Nurse, she can have a bad day without me!)

  3. Wow – no easing back into it gently for you! That sounds like a tough day so soon after going back – I’m glad you were able to so no to overtime today. I’m sure that tension affects every joint in the body – it’s amazing how “tightly” we hold ourselves when we’re under pressure. I hope that young man’s heart is able to be normalized.

    • you’re right, inaformerlife…the lower the heart rate the better your cardiac health, to an extent. the heart has to beat often enough to maintain a normal blood pressure. I don’t like to seen anything lower than 42, and usually don’t like 42.

  4. How the hell can someone who is in the medical profession use a person’s therapy against them! I am putting the charge nurse on my stick list – got to go! No one is mean to my friends – except me!

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