All things work together for good…..

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

It has been quite a while since I have updated.  I have had some things I would have liked to update, but the lack of Vox-like privacy features sort of prevented me from doing it.  So here’s how things are.

Work has been going pretty well, though there seems to be a vibe of paranoia running through the place.  I’m trying to make myself useful, and keep my head down and so far this seems to be working well. I am still studying for the Certification exam.  I have learned a whole lot of neat stuff especially about Cardiac things, and am in general enjoying the learning.  I am not however enjoying the practice testing.  No matter how much I learn I still am only scoring about 75% on the practice exams.  To pass, I need 70%.  So, it would appear I can pass, but I would feel more confident with an 80% or better.

I have developed an unusual Otitis media. It is really painful and frustrating. One of the ED docs called in a favor with the ENT doc and I was able to be seen by them.  I’m now on antibiotic drops and oral antibiotics, numbing drops, decongestants, antihistamines and also antiinflammatory medications and it does not seem to be improving too much.  It sort of throws me off balance.  And I really can’t hear.  Yesterday I was working out at the gym and one of the Physical therapists very kindly gave me some help and stuff, as I left, he said something to me, and I admit, I couldn’t hear it at all, so I just smiled at him and left, now I wonder if it was a question.   It is very aggravating.

So, I imagine you are wondering exactly why I would quote Romans and then talk about my average work experiences and my ear.  Yes thats not it.

I was able to run today in Physical Therapy.  Only for 2 sets of approximately 2 minutes each, but…It felt good and I could feel this joy bubbling up in me.  I ended up blubbering a bit at the end of my second set, which alarmed my PT.  He was sure something was wrong, and I was sort of a strange snotty mess for a moment there.   As I was running I was thinking of the Romans verse.

My biggest fear after this surgery was that God had other plans for me…And while I had faith and trust, I admit I had started to wonder because no one really knows how things will turn out.  I did trust that things would be good, but, I have to admit, I was having a pretty hard time imaging how no running would be good.   I feel so peaceful right now.  All things do really work together for good.  It felt sort of like I was running Strideouts.  And my HR was soooo high after the first set I was a little irate, but…the second set which I did without any talking to anyone went better.  I did get some compliments on my form, which was really nice.  Total distance was about 0.35 miles the first set was at a 10mm pace and the second a 9:40MM.  of course it was on a flat Treadmill, but still.

I feel a good sense of accomplishment.  Whoo Hoo.

So yea, all things work together for good.  and indeed patience is a virtue.

10 thoughts on “All things work together for good…..

  1. I’m agnostic, but I know the feeling when you’re scared about where your life seems to be going. Three years ago I thought I was staring at a black hole and thinking, ‘So is this where it ends? I’m going to end up homeless and living under a bridge, selling pencils?’ But it didn’t, and while things aren’t perfect now, I’m glad I rode it out to this point. It’s just hard when you’re in these periods of uncertainty, or when things look pretty bleak and you can’t imagine what the next day will be like.

    But hey! You’re running again! I think that’s awesome news! Congratulations!

  2. It is hard sometimes whether to know if you want to know IF there’s A PLAN and if there is whether you would want to know it. I’m pretty resistant to change, but yet many of the very very good things in my life have happened because I became aware of some new possibility during a time of change.

    • I was really really afraid that the result would be one of those things that I would have to accept and be upfront happy about as no one likes a whiner. So far, things are good though every other day I feel as if a horse kicked my in the hip… I assume that will go away!

  3. Hope the ear is better soon! That is no fun.

    Great quote. I keep one over my desk at work as well (Be still and know that I am God. –Psalm 46:10). It definitely helps.

    Change can be so scary. The hardest part is trusting that everything is working towards a higher good. How great for you to be able to run again. It sounds like this is only the beginning of a wonderful comeback!

    (BTW, I will send you an email as the date gets closer to the Florida trip. It would be great to finally meet! 🙂 )

    • Oooh that would be really fun! the Florida meet up that is.

      Trust is something that can be so difficult, especially trusting in the unseen and sort of giving up control. I wish I had a bit more perfect trust as it would have made the recovery easier. But…I am what I am.

      When is the big camping trip?

      • Yes, I leave for Tampa on 9/23. Can’t wait!

        I hear you on the trust. I struggle with that, too. I suppose we are only human and are recognized as such.

        The big camping trip is this Friday. Woo-hoo! Do you have any big plans for the long weekend?

    • I know! It’s a problem!!!! I slummed once in the past couple of years with a pair of Nikes, and used to run in Pearl Izumi’s, but…we shall see. Glad to hear you love them, I am really intrigued but also don’t want to mess anything up….

  4. I hope your tinnitus is doing better. There are times that the ringing in my ears is so loud that I can’t sleep and/or times that it makes it very difficult to really understand what is being said around me. When surrounded by a lot of people and different conversations I have found myself just zoning out and not listening because I can’t hear/follow any of the conversations going on around me. eh, I need to remember to bring it up to my doctor next time I see him.

    YaY for running, even if it was ‘only’ in short little bursts. Patience is a virtue….and I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of it.

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