New kicks

Firstly I would like to express… I AM TIRED.  EXHAUSTED.

This week has been really challenging.  I am working an off shift for 2 weeks…3pm to 3 am.  It has not been bad working it, but of course my body is confused, my dog is confused and the schedule is off.  On top of that I am cramming all sorts of things in and trying to schedule new stuff…None of it is really working quite as I anticipated, and I seem to be experiencing some super insomnia.  I’ve on occasion had to use both benadryl or the prescription medicine Lunesta (which I have from Surgery)  to get any sleep, but none of those drug induced sleeps seem to be that restful.  Most of what I am doing this week has been super enjoyable, except that I am so tired that I find it is less so.  I hope that soon enough I will get reset to some sort of sleeping schedule.  Most likely as I get used to working the off shift, I will sleep and then go back to the day shift and not sleep…. SOOO… grrrrr.

I had PT today and it was alright, excepting that I was so tired that doing the exercises was a complete chore.  I also then spent about 2 hours getting my feets fitted for new runners.  I was really looking forward to this, and this may have been part of the reason I could not sleep…I kept thinking about my new shoes.  One of the Physical Therapists said that was ridiculous that I lacked sleep over shoes, but…to me getting new shoes represents a return to normalcy.  Perhaps he didn’t get that.  Women are so sentimental about some things, where men are more practical.  Shoes are shoes to them perhaps, not a symbol of anything else.

Anyway, I really love our little shop at the gym.  One of the stores owners was super kind and went over to the PT treadmill and she and my PT watched me run for my 2 minutes.  Turns out I am a forefoot runner, who knew.  One of the trendy things these days is for people to attempt to alter their gait so as not to Heel strike.

This is the trend behind all the “Toe shoes” like the Vibram 5 fingers, and the Fila Skeletoes.  Supposedly we have a more natural gait when we don’t run with a ton of foam in between ourselves and the road.  I fully respect people who like these shoes, but I will never ever wear them.  Firstly my toes are webbed.  Not all of them, but some of them.  Thus the shoes won’t fit.  Secondly whenever you run over anything in them, like say an Acorn, or a small pebble, or a stick, you really really feel it.  Call me the princess and the Pea, but I really don’t want to feel any small pebbles, I want to enjoy my run.

I actually thought I was a pretty severe heel striker, as all my race photos show me looking like I am starting off on the heel, and I feel my heel hit the pavement each time I run.

Well.   As Kimberly explained, my heel spends so little time on the ground that that it is not really impacting.  I did not believe her until she looked at all 3 pairs of my shoes and showed me how the tread on all three was worn off on the mid and forefoot….but all the little nubbies were still pretty much intact on the heel.

So I suppose this makes me one of the cool kids now.  Ha Ha Ha.  I personally think people should run in comfort and not try to artificially alter their gait and stride so much.  If you watch really professional or elite runners, you’ll find their gait changes with speed, and I find that as I speed up my tendency to on my heel at all disappears completely.  So I just think the whole avoiding heel strike thing is a bit over the top.  Best to run comfortably, and let the gait take care of itself.  Sure if you can change your running style, and want to go for it, but I find that the constant attention to gait to be a real chore.  I try to pay more attention to an upright form and avoid a lot of extra motion of the body…like movement of the shoulders, or shaking my head about etc.

I do think it is probably good to know your tendency, and to go ahead and make shoe purchases based on what will best protect your body in relation to how you are running.

I tried on 5 pairs of shoes.  Mizunos, Karhus, Nike, Saucony and some brand which I can not recall the name.  I was really sure that the Karhus were going to be the shoes for me.  They are hideous…in appearance…so I figured I’d be in the bright mulberry for a long long time.  Surprisingly, they felt pretty awful to me.  Something about the fit was just off. The mizunos felt like the same Mizunos, and the no name brand had a funny arch on them, plus a faux fur heel covering!  We then moved onto Saucony, a shoe which I have not worn since I was about 12.  And after that she had me try the Nikes.  I got to run up and down the hall in ALL of them.  It was a ton of running and before it was done I started to feel now both tired and in pain.  In the Nikes, she stopped me after about 10 strides screaming out, “I don’t like those at all stop!”  my feet were slipping around in them.  THe Sauconys felt awesome.  They had a big bunch of padding right in the forefoot, where my foot apparently lands the most.  While they are not as distinctive nor as “out there” as the Karhus, I decided to go for them…

So.  the Saucony Mirage it is.  Apparently it is a shoe that approaches a minimalist design with less “heel drop” than traditional shoes.  All I know is that I like the fact that it isn’t heavy and that the forefoot feels cushy, but not marshmallowy like Asics can get to feeling.  It was very responsive.

They did not have my size, so it’s on order, as always.

I hope by the time they come in I will have advanced to 4 sets of 2 minutes!!!

And that I will have managed to get a little bit of actual sleep.


7 thoughts on “New kicks

  1. Goodness, that is some work schedule you have there. I can see where you’d be tired. I hope it won’t be too hard when you go back to working normal hours.

    Glad that you were able to get the proper pair of running shoes. I was thrown back by the faux fur on the heel of one of them. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before. It is really amazing all that goes into determining the proper shoe, isn’t it? I’ve seen those skeletoes shoes on folks that were trail running and all I could think of was ‘ouch’!

  2. I have high arches, so I can’t stand walking barefoot anymore unless it’s on a sandy beach. I also have hyper-sensitive feet, so yeah, if I felt an acorn or pebble or something under my feet, I’d screech in pain, lol. But shoes are important and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being emotional about them. I don’t run, but I hate it when I’m wearing shoes that don’t fit properly or just don’t feel “right.” My brother tried to convert me to his favorite brand, New Balance, but the pairs I tried on were too clunky and looked like I was wearing giant baby booties. I like the Saucony Mirage—they look stylish and I wouldn’t be embarrassed wearing those, but they also look comfortable and light.

    Hope you’re able to get more sleep. I’m also going through a spot of insomnia, and it’s no fun, especially late in the afternoons when I need to be alert.

    • The lady who does my shoes says she has trouble all the time with women who want the shoes to make their feet look petite!

      I am very into all sorts of shoes…New balance are nice, but I don’t know that they have much for a very high arch. I’ve been sleeping a little better lately thank goodness! thanks!

  3. I hope you are sleeping better.
    Have the new shoes arrived?
    I’ve seen several people with the ‘toe’ shoes…they remind of the toe socks that were popular way back when (and may have had a re-emergence lately). I can’t stand them…the material between my toes is just too thick. Maybe they would feel better if they were thinner material?

    I hope the PT continues to go well.

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