I finally Graduated from Physical Therapy!!!!

I have to admit, it was pretty much a “non-event”   I did essentially a completely regular session with PT, as if I was coming back in 3 days again.  In the end he did show me some things I could work towards…but I think I actually will not.  I mean, the main one was attempting to stand up and sit down with one leg only.  Hopefully I will never have to do that.  Perhaps when I am a bit stronger.  Right now I don’t seem to have a lot of control doing it and it seems like a good way to injure myself.


He did show me a few new stretches though, which I promptly incorporated into my routine.  It was so strange to walk away and realize that my constant activity for months was now, just poof over.


Of course, I make it sound SO final.  In reality, the PT “office” is located in an open area in the Gym.  These guys train beside of us and race beside of us and are around…even when I don’t want them around.  So  my PT said I can always come and ask him for help and advice, but….given that he was not exactly the most dedicated guy I think I’ll try to avoid him as much as I can.

Here is my final report!

Patient demonstrates great improvements in gait,strength, and soft tissue mobility. Still with slight proximal hip weakness that patient is able to continue independently (NO one ever said they had to have good grammar…) Good Improvements in Hip Mobility. Patient Independent with activity but will need direction to progress running programme. DC from PT at this time to NTC Coach H.


I am now 12 weeks, maybe 13 weeks Post Op.  A lot has changed since my 8 weeks update.

My walking gait is now pretty much perfect.

I can now run 6 minutes.  2 minutes at a time with a break in between.

My HIp is now super flexible.  In fact, My internal and external rotation on the surgical hip are slightly better than on the non-surgical hip.

I still have occasional here and there pains and think about my hip a lot but…it is not producing so much stress as before.  The pain is relieved fairly well with Motrin and is directly related to activity.

This week, my hip started to feel normal after running.  Prior to this, I would run my 2 minute intervals and the next day I would feel like a Donkey had kicked me in the hip… 











So that was not pleasant.  Over the past week, I have found it hurts less and less the next day.

I saw my old trainer at the gym the other day.  He was teaching a treadmill class and watched me run for my paltry 2 minutes intervals.  He said that my gait looks really good now and he was surprised at the speed I do have at this point.  He was really organized and positive about working with me again.  He has been hot and cold during my recovery, but I think it was because at some points in it I was so anxious that there was nothing to say or do.  SO now, we are excited.

Other than that, life is pretty much status quo.  I have 3 more of these very unpleasant off shifts.   And then it is back to early mornings thank goodness!  People get very strange at night and start having more and more bizarre complaints.

My big goal upcoming is to be able to run one entire mile without having to use the walk intervals.  My PT said he thought it was 2-3 weeks off, so October.  Whew.


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  1. Congratulations! I’ve felt the same way with my former professors after I graduated, hoping I’d never see some of them again. But then, none of them bent my legs until I was in tears. 😉

  2. Well done! On my final physio session for my foot I took chocolates in for the staff and said “I never want to see you again” …. then less than 2 years later I was back with my broken shoulder LOL. You might have to keep up some of the stretches at home to continue improving. I really notice stiffness in both my foot and my shoulder if I don’t do a bit of a “home program”.

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