13 Week Follow up.

I have my follow up with the Surgeon this morning.  I expect it will go well.  But I am taking a moment to reflect on where I am now compared to where I was about a month ago.  And WOW it really is different.

I walk almost 100% normally now.  I think on occasion I sort of hobble, but its more out of habit than anything.  A lot of my co-workers have pointed out that I am lacking the huge limp.  I was not aware that I had a huge limp but I guess I did prior to the surgery!

I’m running short distance on the treadmill now.  No more running in the pool.  I do some deep water pool running with friends, but, I am not doing the shallow water running any more.  I took a run out on the NTC track on Labor Day.  It was fun, and not very challenging, as I can only run the straights, but it was nice to be out of doors and doing a little running.  THank goodness our track does not look like this one!

I’m still  allowed to use the elliptical, and have gone as far as 3 miles on it in 27 minutes.  I love using it because I don’t have to worry about gait, or too much strain on my hip. Three miles seems to be my patience limit with that machine.  It’s boring.

I’m able to do a great deal of weights at the gym, though not everything. I was told by the PT that I can do “Everything”  but of course any time I do something that seems to cause pain, he wisely says, “I wouldn’t have chosen that exercise for you”  so….everything…well ….hmmmm

It doesn’t include Mountain Climbers.  It may not include planks, but I like planking so much that I’ll never tell!

I can put my shoes and socks on normally.

My hip is flexible and feels a lot like it did before the surgery in terms of flexibility.

My Scars now are extremely insignificant.

I am now able to react faster to changing situations and turning and pivoting is not so painful.

I spend a good deal of time at the gym standing on one leg on a piece of foam, throwing and catching a weighted ball.  I assume this has helped the stability and also my ability to react to things.

I got brave and signed up for the Seaside Half Marathon.  It was a total “impulse buy”  as I am feeling a little unsure about how fast I can progress, but…I ran it last year and liked it a lot.  I have one friend signed up for it with me, and I have about 4-5 considering it.  The plan is to rent out a beach house, chill on the Gulf coast, and then run the race, eat some good food, and have a really nice Vacation type experience.  problem is that people in general, and some people in specifical…move slowly.  THen race spots sell out and no one is happy.

I have finally been returned to my trainer.  He seems nervous about having me as a client, but…also happy.  With the economy so suckky people aren’t into personal training like they were.  For me it is still a great investment, I don’t go to the movies but 1-2 times a year, so I figure it’s like going to the films a lot, very expensive movies…

Over all,  13-14 weeks Post operatively…I am extremely happy I had the surgery.  My Pain is significantly less.  I am almost running.  THings are looking good.


7 thoughts on “13 Week Follow up.

  1. You SOUND so much better in your posts these days! 🙂 I have just assumed that mean you were feeling better. I am glad to hear that for the most part, day-to-day life is getting back to normal. And yay Seaside! I had so much fun last year meeting you guys even though I couldn’t run. Unfortunately this year there’s no way I can make it due to work and some other things going on around here. My “fun” travel is pretty limited. (Not to mention I need to actually get off my butt and start running again…I am a total slug.)

    • The whole ordeal has been fairly exhausting. My Doctor today found it again very amusing that I was so surprised at how little I can run at this point. When he said starting from zero, he really meant zero…woweee. It’s o big deal, i dont think Wendy is coming again either.

    • It is the same one with the great bags. Having seen the area last year, I know how to reserve a beach house now and also where to eat…etc. I really like my bag as well, and…well the general good time of it all is tempting me. You should come!

      • It sounds like it is in a beautiful area. Gosh, that would great. Let me think about it. I had told my MIL and SIL1 that I would take them to visit Boston in the Spring. Perhaps if I start saving now I could do both.

  2. BTW, my best friend that lives in Tampa just bought those Skeletoes shoes on the advice of another friend. So far she is struggling with them as she can feel every pebble and rock while running. 😉

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