So I did see the surgeon today.

He made me laugh.  When he first came in I had been waiting for about 45 minutes which irritates me no end.  In this case, however, I knew I had the last appointment, so I had to wait.  Each time a Doc takes that 5 extra minutes with someone else, a delay occurs.  So by the time he came in I guess I had a look on my face.  At least that’s the first thing he said…

I told him I thought I was doing really well.  He told me that what I thought was all that mattered to him.  Of course, all I want to hear is what he thinks.

He read by PT Discharge note and was a little surprised.  He actually sat there and read it out loud to me.  I wonder if he thought I had not read it.  He then asked me  if I felt like a rapid healer.  I looked at him and said, “Noooooo”  This has been a long haul.  Of course, the plan was for me to continue Physical Therapy for another 4 weeks, but there was nothing more for me to do on the protocol.  So I guess I did progress a bit rapidly there in the end.  Personally I could have done with some more soft tissue work, but I am learning about using a foam roller, and it works pretty well.  An added bonus is that the foam roller is an inanimate object, there is no problem rolling it all over some very strange spots on my body.

I confessed that the therapist has had me running the short intervals.  He seemed ok with it.  He then told me to run only on flat surfaces and in straight directions…walking the curves and not to try to make any lateral movements.  I think sometimes he sees everything in American Football Terms.  I mean….what runner tries to make lateral movements when running?    He was talking to me about this “season” being toast and for me to look for lots of improvements in the next “season” and then in the third “season” to see all the recovery.  Of course.  I live in Florida.  We don’t really have a running “season”. I chose not to point that out.

He laughed when I told him how surprised I am that I can’t even run one mile yet.  He said, “Hey we took you down and out completely”  He explained that my hip muscles had essentially been shut down and then atrophied a bit…nice.

He then manipulated my leg around a bit, which was unpleasant.  It does not hurt like it did before surgery, but now my IT band is a bit tighter, and one little spot in my groin dislikes when he does the “move”  But back in April when we first met and he did that I actually “screamed” in pain.  NB: I maintain that I did not scream, but the Surgeon maintains that I did.  It is really a lot less uncomfortable now…

I apologized for being a “bad” patient.  and he said, “I dont know that you were ever a bad patient”  As things have improved, I am finding that my anxiety is really low/normal and now people are starting to understand that I am not coming from the Moon.

I don’t have to go back until December.  By then, I hope to have at least a 5k under my belt…

I thought I would miss PT, but in fact, I feel somewhat liberated.  I have a lot more free time, and I don’t have to hear the idle chatter of some of the PT’s and PTAs!


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