Wow, it’s been a long week.  and of course today is Monday, so it is the start of a new week!

I finally finished off my nightmare of working the 3 pm to 3 am shifts.   As a parting gift, I got a regular old Cold.  A Rhinovirus.  I prefer the name rhinovirus, becuase with the amount I am sniffling and blowing my nose, my nose should be as big as a rhino horn.

They usually last about 7 days.  I’m note entirely sure when it really started, but I think I will be feeling bad at least until Thursday.  I noticed when I was running my little runs this week that my Heart rate was sky high.  I thought it was my lack of fitness, but it turns out it was probably from the virus.

I did a return to days shift on Sunday and it was full of excitement.

My new shoes came today and I was all a twitter.  I think I left the house about 2o minutes after the store lady called to go and get them.  As an added bonus, they were having a sale on their T shirts, so I snapped up two for my nephews for Christmas!  I am sure that is just what they want, after all they are boys.  Still, I figure a little apparel is never a bad thing, and Christmas it seems is right around the corner!

As part of my Christmas celebration, I am once again collecting items already for donation to our kids toy drive.  I snapped up a lot of crayons and colored pencils at the “Back to school” sales, and I’ve been collecting some little “foam art projects”  as well as sports equipment as it goes on sale.  I want all the toys I give to either require brain power, creativity or physical movement.

In addition to the local stuff, I decided to make at least one box for Operation Christmas Child.  Having worked overseas, I know how little people have and home much they do need.  As a Christian, I feel it is important to spread a message of hope to these impoverished children.  Many people of course are a little uncomfortable with evangelism via children and gifts.  After thinking about that for a while (like 2 years now), I decided to go ahead and donate a box of two.  Firstly, almost everywhere I went, including Sudan, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria etc, there were populations of Christians who would rival any American Evangelist.  It is fairly likely that anywhere the Operation Christmas Child delivery route goes, the child getting the box will have already been exposed to many many evangelists.    Secondly, I know the children and families will find a way to make use of the items donated….even if they are used for something totally different than what was intended.   Such is the case of course with the Condoms in India, according to the telegraph. Not that condoms should go into ANY of the boxes for children.   So, I have been scouring about for items to place into the boxes.  I admit, I am concerned about packing the right stuff.  OCC goes to many different areas; Soviet Bloc countries, Africa, and Latin America.  Clearly nice warm mittens would be appreciated in some of the northern countries, but not at all in say Guatemala.  I looked on the web site but I could not see where they direct the boxes in accordance to their content.   One of my friend always sends socks, which are rarely worn in hot hot climates.  So I am in a debate as to what to place in the box.  So far I’ve come up with a small baseball and glove set, soap, a baseball style hat, crayons, and a matchbox style car.    What a child in a really remote area of Africa thinks is priceless is probably not an American toothbrush,  or even say, “silly putty”  So I have to be careful.  But it is a fun way to prepare for the Holidays, and it is a wonderful way to let children know that the world does indeed care about them and value them.  the collection week is in November.  I might even volunteer at OCC-Orlando, if I can get organized enough to do so…It’s a fun Christmas tradition, a great way to teach children about giving, and very easy to do.  Drop off times are in November, so it’s also a good way to kick off the Holiday season!

I’m still not running too much.  I sign up for the cool Seaside Half and have 5 other ladies committed to going with me and renting out one of the spectacular beach homes there.   That shall be fun.   Today because I felt under the weather, I spent a long long time foam rolling.

I actually spent about 45 minutes rolling and stretching and rolling again.  This is so painful for me due to the restrictions in my left quad.  Sooo I know i need it.  I would roll for a bit, then stretch, then walk about and see how things felt and roll again. Lucky me, the cycling studio was empty, so I was alone when I cried out in pain, which sadly, I did!

Afterwards though, I feel great.  My hip and surrounding area feel the most normal today that it has since the surgery.

SO small amounts of progress here.

I return to my trainer tomorrow, so we shall see how that goes as well.

And my new exciting shoes came it.  It was sort of an anticlimax, since I can barely do any running in them, but they are present, and in the car! Just waiting for tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Just STUFF.

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. That is really great that you are placing together items to donate to children in other countries. A girl I used to know brought several soccer balls over to Kenya with her. She of course deflated them for the trip over but I guess they were a hit with the kids.

    Well good for you for sticking to an exercise plan even though you weren’t been able to run and you weren’t feeling good. That can be so hard to do when you are feeling the under the weather, and you went and did it anyways.

  2. Hope your body heals quickly! The half marathon sounds fun. I hope they give Vera Bradley purses to the runners since they’re a sponsor!

    Our church is collecting items for Operation Christmas Child, too. We have a theme for each month (Sept. was school items) and then at the end of the collection time, we’ll have a party to put the boxes together.

    • I love the theme each Month TIna, that is neat!!!!
      And every runner gets a nice Vera Bradely tote bag. I ran the race last year, it was fabulous to get such a thing!!!

  3. Believe it or not they do love toothbrushes, combs, hairbrushes and mirrors. Those are luxuries to so many. You are wonderful to be not only do this for Christmas, but also putting so much thought into it.

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