A time of patience

So, another installment of Mizunogirl’s life, in which I apparently learn patience.

Last week, I was starting to feel really really good.  I went back with my trainer and all went fairly well.  I have lost some upper body strength but overall, I am doing OK.  I was running my little intervals on the treadmill.  I was having a little trouble with my Heart rate racing away but after some thought we concluded that it was due to me taking Sudaphed for my cold.  I was starting to feel really enthusiastic, when I got a quick reminder that I am totally not in control of this recovery.

On Friday, I seem to have strained my glute muscle.  Yes, It’s a real pain in the butt….I’ve heard that about 15 times since then!  I did a fairly big workout on Friday and felt fine.  On Saturday about half way through my working shift, I noted some pain, and then the pain has continued since then.

I’m not sure what I did.  I had upped my treadmill time to one extra interval, so a total of 8 mins and 30 seconds.  I actually think it was either doing the single leg bridges…

  or possibly this exercise which has no name…  I did note that while throwing that ball at the trampoline

that there was a straining sensation in the glute, but I thought it was just you know, a moment….  not really

I tried and tried to find a better pic of that exercise on the net….that is exactly what I do though I try to have my foot higher off the ground that the kid in the photo.

I tried it out on the treadmill on Sunday and within about one minute, I could feel the pain while running, So I did some short intervals and stopped and stretched it out and iced it.

At first, I felt pretty frustrated.  I mean, I have just had a big kick ass surgery, and I was just starting to run again.  And now to have a strain of such a big muscle, is sort of a pain in the rear literally.  After a day though, I have readjusted my attitude.  Please visit  Please visit Randy’s site @ http://www.glasbergen.com for more entertaining cartoons…

Yes, I have a strain, and it hurts and it is indeed a bit of a set back.  But frankly, I dont have the hideous hip and groin pain any more.  The glute strain will heal probably in 1-2 weeks, and then I STILL will not have hideous hip and groin pain.

I feel pretty Zen about the whole thing.  Of course, if it drags on and on, I may have to become a raving maniac again!



6 thoughts on “A time of patience

  1. You are patient. I swore when I injured my glute that I would kill the next person who made the “must be a pain in the butt” joke. Pain does not make me a patient person anyway, but you’d think people would be a little more sympathetic! Pain is pain, I don’t care where it’s emanating from.

    You do sound like you’re on top of things, though. Hang in there!

  2. You really have such a wonderful attitude about the whole thing. I hope that this little set back will be gone quickly and you can keep moving forward. You are doing so well!

    • THanks! I admit i had a near meltdown last night after I posted this. I had to make an appointment to see the Doc, and I happened to see him in the hospital at work, and I just wanted to throw myself at his feet and beg for mercy. Of course, without my chart or anything, he really could not help me, but he did look at me and say, “I hear you are having butt pain…” So he knows… it really isn’t much fun any more. I feel like all the color has been sucked out of the world..it’s all shades of gray.

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