Patience Part 2….In which I am benched.

and In which Mizuno Girl loses all her patience.

I spoke with a PT outside of the gym right after I wrote this post.  That PT is quite respected in the community and owns her own independent clinic…which does not take my insurance.  She asked after me, and I explained a bit about how my hip was feeling and how frustrated I felt.  She talked to me for a bit and said she really did not think I should have been allowed to start running.  She also encouraged me to call my Surgeon, to go back to therapy, and recommended a different therapist out of the bunch that work there.Given her position, she knows them all very well, so i respect her choice.   She also explained the difference between Pool running and swimming FINALLY!  an explanation I think is valid!

Initially the Medical Aide for the surgeon tried to help me out by suggesting I take Ibuprofen, and sending me some exercises for the piriformis.  I explained that I was taking the ibuprofen and was doing those exercises.  I am the queen of the foam roller!!!

I’m learning to tolerate the pain of the foam roller.  It has not seemed to help my piriformis at all lately and the darn thing seems to be spasming regularly.  That is probably what is causing the glute pain, which is increasing each day, and has now extended to my adductor again and my groin. Whoo Hoo.

So, after discussing all that, the Medical Assistant said,  come in to see the Doc.

Today I saw the Doctor.  Crazy day at the office.  It took 2 hours of waiting just to see him.  I got so irritated because I could hear them showing people into rooms and saying, “Dr. B will be in to see you in a few moments!!!!”  They were lying…like pants on fire!

I felt sort of bad for them, because I mean, no one likes to have people wait that long.  So I just texted people who were not at work and hung out.  Eventually someone did come in and apologize. and Eventually I saw the Doctor.

I told him with the other PT had said, and while he very Politically never really said anything, he did seem to agree that PT was stopped prematurely.  He agreed that my hip was too weak to tolerate the running.  Well, he never disagreed, and when I finally said, Am I wrong, he said No you aren’t.

I had a moment when I was getting my shoes fitted, when she mentioned that my right leg had a little swing in it once in a while.   The therapist said, something like, yes she does that because the hip is weak, and if she doesnt swing the right leg around she will run it into the ground, because her hip isnt holding her up.   NOW.  *I*  should have realized with that statement that I was not ready to run.  Instead I made a concentrated effort not to have my right leg swing.  I toldDr. B this this and he nodded.  Of course, now, it would seem the person who said that might have realized it as well, that I was headed down a very slippery slope of pain and misery!

  Given that they have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  But…who knows.  I do kick myself for not getting it from that statement,  but I was really happy running.

In talking to the Doctor, I usually try to be very quiet and to the point, but today I just vented so much of my unhappiness regarding the therapist and his whole Modus Operandi.   I feel like I was quite biased and opinionated and not at all objective.  I try to be objective, but I just Lost my temper.  I complained about the lack of following the protocol, the few times it seemed that exercises I had not done were documented on the forms (hard to know if this is really true, and I wish I had not said it but hey I was mad, it came out. Best to stick with documentable facts when one is angry), the lack of communication, and the way he discharged me in the end.  I explained that throughout the therapy I never did a certain number of exercises that were on the protocol at all, specifically Squats.  I love Squats!  I regret that I really can not do them now.  Deep down, I know my therapist tried to work with me, but he also seemed to have an ego problem that got in the way.  I take actual glee in the fact that I never have to interact with him again ever!  So I clearly dislike him.  I am working however, on forgiving him because….after all that is the right thing to do and it will free me more than anyone.

He very nicely avoided saying anything that would incriminate anyone.  (A good skill for the doctor I think) and then asked if I wanted therapy somewhere else.  So I told him that the highly respected PT had recommended one particular PT and him only.  Her clinic is not accepting patients, and does not take my insurance.

I know him, and he has been very kind to me on occasion.  He seems to be very patient focused from what I have observed. He also seems to do a lot more of the manual soft tissue work than many of the other PT’s.  I always feel shy around him because he is an amazing runner.  Anyway.  I told this to the Doc and he agreed that I should have who I want.  I was able to explain the problem of actually getting appointments at the place.  He wrote me a script for the next 4 weeks, and told me he would call them and make sure they understood that I was to see only that PT, and that I needed certain times.

He was also very reassuring and quite supportive of me.  Gave me some Celebrex to try to help the pain.  I appreciated that, because I was not a happy lady.

So I took my script in hand, still quite fired up from having vented away, went over to PT to get things set up.  The manager told me that would be fine, and that I should set up some appointments.  He tried to offer me multiple other therapists as well, so I just repeated to  him that we were not doing it that way again.  In setting up the appointments, they only had them open in October. It is however, early October.  The Poor PT got the news that I was only to see him there as well.  He seemed to take it OK, though he did seem surprised, either by the Dr. specific order, or by me being back I don’t know.  He had talked to me the day before in the gym about staying positive in face of ongoing issues.

So after a bit, I realized I really am in some pain.  I had to walk the dog and by the end of our little one mile jaunt I felt this huge knot forming.  But I really did have to get him some exercise.  So, after a while I realized that Dr B. was probably still 2 hours behind.  So I called, and left a message telling them that I was only allowed the one appointment in October.  And here is the part where I adore my surgeon.  I got a call back from the Medical Assistant, letting me know he was about to call them and was planning on trying to get them to move the appointment up.  The Medical Assistant also told me she would follow up on Monday to see what had been done.

I really really hope this works out this in the end, because for a week or so there, I was feeling great.  I really liked that feeling.  I rather miss it.

To top off the day I got a phone call from a friend of mine…who is being treated for back pain in PT, complaining about her therapist!!!!!  (who is my old therapist!)  ugh.  Sure wish she would complain to the manager rather than to me.

What a day.  No wonder people never go see a Doctor!  And No wonder most people are not that satisfied with their care.  What a mess.


7 thoughts on “Patience Part 2….In which I am benched.

  1. That is awesome that your surgeon’s office is helping square away the appointments! It is nice to have someone in your corner. And good for you for voicing your frustrations – I know it isn’t easy, I imagine even more so when working in the industry, but I also have learned with doctors that there is no real way for them to know what’s happening if you don’t tell them.

    Hang in there…besides, this will give me some time to catch-up. 😉 We WILL run a 1/2 together one of these days!!!

  2. Surgeons are terrific: I wish my father’s surgeon was overseeing his post-cancer checkups, but it doesn’t work that way at his HMO.

    I’m sorry you still aren’t able to run, especially since that was your goal after surgery, to start running again. It is infuriating when one person in your care team keeps screwing up—do you really want the same PT to work with you? I tend to swallow my losses and move on to a new doctor, therapist, whatever, rather than go back and battle with someone I really don’t like. (Though you sound like you have very mixed feelings about this guy—he’s good, but he lacks empathy or consistency/professional protocol.)

    Anyway, I hope this time it really works out for you. I’ve always hated that burning-needle-like pain of sciatic injuries, especially since nothing seems to make it go away.

    • As it is, I will have a totally new Physical Therapist, but within the same office. No more work with the man that I have started to sort of hate, and yes hate is a strong word!
      Luckily it isnt a burning siatic pain, that is the worst. More of a really strained muscle. thanks for the good wishes!

  3. I do so hope that things have turned a corner for you. I gave up on my PT when I realised that I was just getting a series of grads who all had to same pat formula for whatever ailment if had, not matter where! I have had a lot more help with massage. A good PT is a treasure and I hope that you have found one! Best wishes.

  4. Gosh, sorry to hear about your setbacks. It doesn’t sound as black and white as it should be. I know you posted this a few weeks ago (I’m just getting caught up with blogs) so I hope things have gotten better since then.

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