Crafty Moments here

It has been a while since I posted any sort of anything.   I have had a huge hassle getting the Physical Therapy I need.  By Wednesday, after much crying and Gnashing of my teeth, things seem to have been solved for the moment.   I am to have therapy with Skeletor.  He is a nice guy who seems quite on the ball.  I just hope that it works and that I will soon enough be able to run with out the hip weakness and all that. I trust in the plan laid out but I sure wish I could take a glimpse into the future just once.

Since I am not doing too too much physically, it was nice that this free pattern down load came in my email!    It is for a Jewelry Roll, for people to take their necklaces and such with them while traveling.  I admit, I dont know anyone who has that many bangles, but after looking at the pattern…It has neat little zippered pockets and if I replace the stupid ribbon tie with either snaps or some very fun Novelty buttons…I think we could have a winner for  a cute gift.  It is rated for a beginner, so I am going to get brave this weekend and try to make one.  I wonder though, I would like to make one for a friends daughter, but the friend also has a 6 yr old son and it is not really a boy thing, I think even if I made it in the most boyish material ever.

Anyone got some sort of easy pattern for something for a boy of equivalent size etc?


2 thoughts on “Crafty Moments here

  1. Have you checked out craftster’s website yet? They have loads of free patterns and ideas for projects. I’m guessing you’re interested mainly in sewing projects: I recently began crocheting again, and for reasons that escape me crocheted stuffed toys are all the rage now, so there are patterns aplenty for those. Six-year-old boys are a little tougher to please, but if memory serves me right, they love dinosaurs and monsters.

    You have a PT called Skeletor? Ooh….I think I’d bring a Power Sword to the sessions if I were you. 😉

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