Annoyance update!

SO today, I was able to run across to the MD office very very early in the morning to get my medical need letter.

As soon as I saw the letter, I knew it was not what the insurance company needed.  All it said was that I had surgery, and I needed therapy to recover.  Ethel was asking for a reason for my return to therapy.  I questioned it, but the MA at the office said, “Oh we do this all the time”.  So I trotted over to my place of employment and attempted to fax it.  The fax number did not work on either of our fax machines, so I called directly over to the insurance company and spoke to a nice man, and asked for another fax number.  He gave me his, and within about 6 minutes, my letter was faxed.

In 20 minutes, I called over and asked if the fax had been received.  It had been.  I then asked if I could speak with Ethel.  I could.  She looked at the letter with me and had a little bit of a laugh.  She asked me what happened with the break in my therapy.  I explained the  discharge, and then the increase in pain and weakness and the MD decision that I needed to return to therapy.  She said, oh yes, of course, we can approve it for that.  She explained she just needed a copy of the note that said I was weak and in pain and needed therapy.   I agreed, and she said, as soon as she got that, she would approve appointments. She pleasantly told me if she got it by today, I would probably be able to make appointments on Monday or Tuesday.  I asked permission to call Ethel back in the afternoon to check on the progress and she said, that would be no problem at all.

So, next step is to call back the MD office and leave a message with the new fax number and explain that the letter was inadequate.

I called Ethel at 1508.  We were not that buys in the triage area, so I took advantage of that moment.  Ethel answered the phone immediately and told me she had heard not a word.  I thanked her, moaned a little and hung up.

I did not call my MD office back.  They do not answer the phone, so I would have just left another message.

I did fully expect to get a call at 5 pm from the office explaining the action taken by them, but that did not come.  So, I am hoping that she sent the information requested.

So, Hopefully by Monday, the whole thing will be taken care of!


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