Resolution of annoyance.

Oh Wow.  How many phone calls does it take to get a problem solved!

By my count probably about 30.

On Monday when still no action had been taken by my Physicians office, I finally lost it completely.  I was able to speak with the office manager.  She was not exactly friendly, but then again, I was incredibly frustrated and annoyed.  Within about 30 minutes after my phone call, miraculously, everything was taken care of.  That simple.  The office manager was able to scan and email all documents…a capability the Medical Assistant said the office did not have!      I have learned in the future I will never expect anyone at that office to do anything within a normal time frame.   I will just be not very polite and ask for the office manager.  The whole thing was so unpleasant. I do hope and pray that I will be done with any Physical therapy and never have to do that again.

My insurance case manager called me directly and told me she had approved it within minutes of getting it.  Whew!  I think I am a big fan of Ethel!

And in about 3 more hours, I got a call from the Physical Therapy receptionist, to schedule all my appointments.

So It is all taken care of.  I am confused as to why on earth this was so difficult and I feel somewhat battered up from it.   When I told people about my experience, it was amazing how many others have similar stories.  Two thoughts were expressed by others that pretty much sum up the whole experience….

One by another Nurse I work with:  “It’s really too bad when other people force you into being rude when you would prefer not to be.”  and another by a Paramedic, “You know, some people just are not very good at their jobs”    I think that pretty much explains how I ended up where I did end up.

I swear I am going to need therapy to get over my physical therapy.

I start back on Friday.  I am looking forward to getting stronger, and seeing what the hip can do.  But I have to say I am not looking forward to dealing with all these “Medical Professionals” again.  Well, the actual Physical Therapist seems to be alright.  I have a lot of respect for him, so that is a good good thing.

I am just now starting to feel better over it!


3 thoughts on “Resolution of annoyance.

  1. I once worked very briefly in the customer service department of a large company. One thing I learned while I was there was when people were rude or began the conversation with screaming at me, they usually were at their wits’ end. The company had a phone system with a rather complex menu, and it sometimes took as long as a half hour to speak to a real human being about one’s problem. Also, we had a lot of customer reps who were pretty rude themselves. They’d make sarcastic remarks or joke about the person’s complaint. Sometimes the caller would demand to talk to a supervisor and get things done, but older people and those whose grasp of English was poor were left in the dust.

    Anyway, I hope now you finally get the care you deserve. It seems ridiculous the staff at the doctor’s office couldn’t help you out sooner.

  2. You must be so glad to have that behind you. Wow, what an ordeal!

    I don’t understand why that has to be so difficult either. Recently my husband had called his dr’s office to get a refill on his diabetes medication. Each time he called he was reassured that it would be send over to the pharmacy and it just never happened. Finally he went down to the dr.’s office to discover that the entire staff had been fired –for obvious reasons. He was then able to get his prescription refilled, but what madness.

    • Akamonsoon, It must have been pretty nice for him to find the whole staff fired!!!! That sort of thing is maddening. I never really understand why people can be so bad at their jobs, and also how they can have no compassion!

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