Hippy Hippy updates

I start back to PT in about 2 hours.   I am hoping it will be a good experience and that I will get strong like an ox.

I am terrified and curious.  I am wondering what different can be done to make me stronger, and if anything different will be done.  But I am looking forward to being out of Limbo and back to something to make things better.

I am continuing to see Mona in her torture chamber… With Mona most of the locals say her theme song is “Hurts So Good

But I am leaning towards Nick Lowe….

One thing I love about Mona is that she actually listens to me when I tell her stuff.  I have a big issue with “Body Awareness”.  In other words, sometimes I am in pain and don’t realize it.  It manifests itself as insomnia, or general grumpiness  and I think I can’t sleep because of worries or something, but then I take a motrin and suddenly, all the sleep in the world is mine.  When I do realize things hurt, I sometimes have a very hard time pin pointing the actual area that hurts.

Mona has all these posters on her wall of all the muscle groups and trigger points.  As she works on me she stops and shows me each of the groups and explains what is going on that may be causing problems.  I am constantly amazed at how much she knows, and I am so appreciative that she shares it with me, instead of just expecting me to accept anything she does without question.  Especially because she says that most people she works on are not that interested in the process.

Yesterday she really beat me up.  So much so that she had to strap my legs to the table.  Of course…I feel much better after.

She noted yesterday that I am now attempting to turn my entire hip and left side of my body each time I take a step.  Hopefully the PT will be able to stop that. I am still concerned by his statement, “Don’t think about running”  but my body is starting to feel good, like it could run.  Of course, I am realizing that I am often misinterpreting messages from the body, soooo.

I am wondering if the reason Mona is so good at her job is that she is so directly connected to Money.  I mean, she does her thing, and I hand her money immediately afterwards.  Sometimes even ahead of time.   When I go to PT or the Doctor, or work…money is not discussed.  Yet it is all involved.  I pay more to see these people, but it is all hidden.  SO much so that we forget.   I have a phrase at work that people always react to in some way,  “Im just here for the money”  but it really puts things into perspective when something is not going as it should, or we have an irate/drunk/insane patient threatening the staff, I remember, oh yes, I get money for this.   I think if our patients actually handed us the cash we would be a lot more thoughtful about what we say and do.   Something to think about.   Of course it could just be that Mona is AWESOME.  Each week she reminds me of how much support I have here in town, and how people I don’t even know are pulling for me.  I am shocked by what she tells me, as she has the pulse of our tiny little athletic community and she hears things that others don’t.    She loves my new PT as well, and says he will do right by me, so we shall see.  So far, so good.  but yikes!!!!


4 thoughts on “Hippy Hippy updates

  1. Mona strapped your legs down while she was doing PT on you? OMG, what exactly is she doing to you? Beating you with a bamboo cane? Holding your feet to an open flame?

    I realize PT has to hurt sometimes in order to be effective, but if it hurt so much they had to tie me down, they’d never get me back in there! I remember crying after my first day of therapy, and I almost didn’t go back. I’m glad I did, but then I told my PT how bad that first session was, so he was very careful to at least warn me when it was going to hurt.

    “Cruel to Be Kind” is one of my favorite Nick Lowe tunes. Not that I think anyone should practice that sort of thing on their loved ones.

    • She was working on a muscles on the top of my hamstring. If she had not I would have twisted away. She was massaging the leg, and I knew it would be painful. She is one of the best at this, and def the best in the area. I have to admit, I always feel so much better after that she can strap me anywhere she wants!

  2. Its interesting how you mention the differences between Mona and the others helping you. While I can’t speak for the P.T.s, I used to be a massage therapist and it seem to me that most that are in this field are genuinely interested in helping others feel better. They also seem to work independently where maybe others are used to working in a group or for someone else. Maybe that changes things?

    Anyways, I hope that in time all of this will be a distant memory for you. It doesn’t sound like any fun but at that same time it sounds like you are making progress. 🙂

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