So I am back from my first PT visit in a while.

New PT is great.   He was all business, so much so that I found it a little disconcerting and scary.  I get so easily frightened!!!   I adjusted to it. At one point he thought I was joking around with him, and he got a little bit annoyed, but, with a little bit of explanation we seemed to move on. I was not joking.  He really makes me focus a bit more than the other one.   This is probably a good thing.  We did several exercises, mostly new and different from what I was doing with the other therapist.  Most were a lot more challenging.  I like him much better, and really regret not having him for the first couple of months.  Hopefully he can deal with me as well.  Any time you enter into a working situation with someone like this there is this sort of  “sniffing out” period, where both people figure out what is going to be best for the situation.

I felt a little nervous and uncomfortable. Not only am I starting in the situation of having become  “The difficult patient”,  but he has known me for some time peripherally, so probably has some sort of opinion about me.  I started to relax by the end of the session. We agreed that Mona should do all of my soft tissue work, which is great.  I’m so uncomfortable with people touching me, that having to do more of that with him would have probably made me miserable.  Mona is someone for whom I can make a touching exception.  She is, after all, the best.

I really enjoyed the challenges, though one of those bridge exercises he gave me with towels, etc…made me feel very “weak sauce” indeed.    I asked him, ridiculously if I was going to get better.  It was sort of a silly question, but I so wanted him to say yup, you are going to get better.

He reminded me that my hip is not a machine and you can not just replace a part like in a car, and expect it to work. Indeed!  We talked a little about Comrades, and the need for a big enormous base.  This is something he really understands.  Most people these days train for a big race using a plan created by Runner’s World, or Cool Running… And they run just barely enough to allow them to finish the race distance.  This is all good and well, but to Do well, To suffer well     (a distance run is going to involve some suffering, and the key is to suffer well.) one has to run longer, and more repeatedly than most of the plans. To have a good day at Comrades, I am going to have to have a huge base that is built slowly over time.  The longer I am out, the more of an issue this becomes.  But, as I see time dwindle away, I also know that I can not build any base with a weak sauce hip.  So I have to focus on rehabilitation for the moment.   It was nice of him to listen to me, and to see that he understood where I am coming from.

I am so thrilled to have started back and to have some new things to work on.  Most I can do at home with a resistance band as well, so that is always nice.

There are a few though that require at least another person to push against.  I could probably find another person to help me with them, but one of my friends who is a PT assistant said that they actually learn to do it in school and there is a specific technique, so scratch that!  I hope that I get enough of that in during my sessions.  I don’t know though if it is important or not, but I am taking the route that everything is important.

I felt pretty weak!  BUT   I have things I can do to make myself strong like OX!


After the session, I had a message to call my physicians office, so I did.  To my utter surprise, the Medical Assistant, Jennifer, was wonderful.  She wanted to move my appointment back so that they could see me after 4 PT sessions.  She also pretty much apologized for the office problems (She is not the cause of them), and told me there was no excuse for the delay on their end.   While it did not change the situation, it did make me feel incredibly better.

So now, I am stealing a term from a very talented runner Greg Strosaker, I seem to have my Board of Directors put together.  the PT, Chris, The MA Jennifer, Mona…(does she need a title?) should get  me back on the road and out of this pain.  Once I am strong enough to not need Physical therapy guidance, I think I will adjust the Board of Directors, but for now, I am starting to feel like I’ve got some people on my team.


2 thoughts on “Updates!!!!

  1. Nice post, thanks for the mention Holly, and glad you’ve assembled what looks like a winning team. Your PT is absolutely right, as are you, about the weakness of most stock training plans, the “just barely enough” approach. A marathon and anything beyond that is best run when you have overprepared. Looks like you have the mindset for that. Good luck on what is hopefully the home stretch of your recovery.

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