Bits and Bobs

So Much on my mind lately, not sure if any is of any interest, but I’m just jotting things out!

I’ve been theme swapping, as the last theme didn’t allow much room for “stuff”  so let me know if you like this or not. I also think black on white type is easier to read than the white on brown….


After my first session with my new PT, I was able to start on the exercises this weekend.  Some of them are things I have done in the past…

and so they aren’t really surprising, but they are now somewhat more difficult than before.

He also showed me a bunch of new stuff that is just plain difficult.  Also for the Hamstrings

Lately I have been learning a ton of things you can do with towels and a slick floor.  I like doing them as they are sort of fun, and silly, and also don’t require me to heft up anything really heavy, other than my own body weight!

In addition, the PT seems to be using some manual resistance techniques on my hip.  I can not find any images of exactly what he did but here is another video sort of explaining it.

The idea is that the therapist providing the resistance can modify it to help to recruit or activate and strengthen different muscle groups, I think. I do do that exercise but without any resistance.  I admit that I find it pretty easy, at the moment, but who know what ways can be found to make it more challenging.

I love having a set of things to do in the gym that really do challenge me.  I feel as if I might actually get some improvement.  If I can get my hip muscles to start working again. I have noted as I do these things that other muscle groups are sometimes attempting to take over.  Ah well, that is what PT is for.  I wonder exactly when I will be starting to run again.  My hip itself is feeling very very good these days.  All that time strapped to Mona’s table is paying off.

And I am really getting more flexible and able to move the hip around with less discomfort.  Only problem is still standing for long periods of time and that pesky pivoting that I do out of habit.

I wish the PT would explain more of what I am doing, but I am learning that people do not like to explain, and since I trust this guy to do right by me…I try to be quiet and do the stuff.

I check back with the MD in about 3 weeks.


Work is so far going pretty well.  We have a new group of physicians for the inpatients and they are working much harder to discharge patients on time and refuse inappropriate admissions.  This is great as our patient flow has been much more smooth.  So far we aren’t holding admissions in the emergency department yet.  It is still early in the winter season, but…I have my fingers crossed for a winter with no one admitted being held in a hallway!


The wonder dog is wonderful.  He has become a shaggy happy matted mess, and I must take him to be groomed.  I suspect he will need to be pretty much shaved, which I think he prefers to being brushed all the time.  I’m walking better, so he is getting better walks as well.


I am actually reading nothing for the moment.  I finished off a few good mysteries  Murder in Mykonos was one that had me enthralled, but had a very dissatisfying “Murder on the Orient Express” type of ending!  and also a charming little mystery,  Bruno, chief of police.   I have not been back to the library since.  Partly because I was consumed by deal with the physician, and partly because I am just lazy.  I am also reminded that I need to do some posters for work, rather than lollygagging about reading. Does anyone have any suggestions for new reading material?


UGH.  It seems that so many of the “free” patterns on the web for things are very incomplete.  They include instructions such as, “put all the pieces together and sew”.  It seems perhaps I should actually go to the library and see what sort of crafting books they have.   A trip to the Library is definitely in order. Anyone have any crafting projects they are doing lately?


It is almost November.  Halloween is not a huge holiday for me.  But this Thanksgiving, I get to go home to my parents house and hang around for a few weeks with my Sister and her family and my parents.  I am excited about spending some time up there, though I hope it will be a mild November!  Secretly I am hoping to run in the Thanksgiving day 5K, but I sort of know thats not going to happen. I am deep down hoping that my BIL and myself can convince my mother not to cook.  He is much better than she is, and I can follow directions.  For years now, when she makes a big meal some of the flavors are a little off… Who cooks your holiday meal?   Are they up to the task?  If it is you, do you ever want to take the year off and have someone else do the work?

So thats where I am at.  Very excited about the new PT stuff I am doing.  I am getting good and sore, and of course you know that means, I am also getting good and strong!  I have those new shoes awaiting me!


8 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs

  1. It sounds like this round of PT is much better. SO glad to hear it! I am having some technical difficulties, but I really will get my DM stuff posted soon. I walked with the dog again today. WOOHOO! 🙂

    I am jealous you get to spend Thanksgiving with your family…I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks Anne! I go back for my second session tomorrow. I have to admit, i am feeling pretty happy about it. I’ve gotten so hopeful I have actually looked at a few races for next year.

    You and the dog are probably both happy with the walking!

  3. I’ll bet Teulu is happy to be having “better walks” – is the library too far to walk to?
    I’ve started thinking about what sort of Christmas cards I might make this year – that’s the extent of any craft projects I ever do.

    We go to friends for Thanksgiving – she works for the World Bank so it’s a sort of motley group of misfits and is always more about the company than the food – though I always eat too much and get to bring leftovers home so I get to eat too much the next day too 🙂 It’s going to be so nice for you to have time with your family – and I hope it’s not too cold too!

  4. Teulu sounds so cute! I hope you will post a pic of him one of these days. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I hope this is the beginning of great things for you.

    It is hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner. I think you had said you were originally from the northeast, too. Who knows there what the weather will be like but hopefully the cold weather will not really start until after you’ve headed back home.

    • I’m putting together a post on Operation Christmas child stuff that I amdoing… he has helped with that so I should include the wonder dog in those photos….

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