5 months follow up

I saw the Good Doctor, and his Less than good office staff today. I get so nervous going in there.  But  today I was feeling good.

Theme of the day:

We talked about Mona, and her stretching, and the PT and what we are doing there.  I asked him for the running permission slip.

He looked back at the chart and reminded me that it has been only 5   months, not the 6 I thought it was.  I told him certain Olympic superstars were already running. He graciously reminded me that certain Olympic stars did not have exactly the same surgery as I did, nor did they have exactly the same hips.  And then he reminded me that I was comparing myself to someone who has a reserve like very few people.    I told him because he “fixed” my labrum, I expected now to be able to run like “certain Olympic Stars.  He laughed and told me that was pretty funny.   Seriously.  I know I’m a middling to back of the pack runner, But my goodness….I just want to go for a jog down the soccer field or around our track.

I want to start building my Monster Base for Comrades.  1 half mile at a time.

He wrote me another prescription to continue another MONTH of physical Therapy. At first I was a little annoyed.  Then I got over it.  I really appreciate my new PT.  He is thoughtful about my condition, and is trying to help me.    I am really struggling with the PT because it is so hard for me to identify exactly what is hurting when, unless it is very immediate.  Mona, the Massage Therapist and stretcher helps with this alot.  She will sit there and stretch me until I identify exactly where it is that hurts.   I never thought much about it until the PT told me one day that I was making no sense, I should always know if I hurt as I am the only one in my body.   I’m just not in tune with it at all.

With Mona, though I am starting to feel a little more connected to things, and am starting to notice little signs and such. It is apparently a process for me.


I think this stems from a time years ago when I had some rather severe injuries and was a bit traumatized by it.  I pretty much became “numb” to pain and constantly told myself “it doesn’t hurt”.  After a while, not too much hurt, or if it did, I became very adept at ignoring it.  THis has set me up for several of the injuries I have had.  Now, I find myself muttering “It doesn’t hurt”  a lot when I am getting the Deep Tissue work…which does hurt.  So…it’s a growing experience.

I’m going to try to find some information on it so the PT will not be so frustrated working with me.  It isn’t his fault I am slightly off the wall there.  It’s sort of hard to talk about though especially in that open setting, so if i can find an article on it, or have my other MD talk to him about it….that will probably be easier.


So things are looking up.   We will see what I am allowed to do this afternoon.  I will admit here, I am actually a little afraid to run anywhere again….


2 thoughts on “5 months follow up

  1. I know what it’s like to recover from a serious injury and surgery: it’s really hard to be patient, waiting for your body to heal. But my own surgeon, who was very kind, told me that I didn’t get to where I was overnight, that my injuries were from years of use and abuse; so I couldn’t expect things to be “okay” the next day or even the next month. I had to listen to him and my PT and all the other medical staff looking after me, and trust that they knew what they were doing…which is another thing that’s really hard. I’m so used to disobeying my doctors, I didn’t realize I was undoing everything they had done for me. Now that I’m watching my father do the exact same thing (“Why can’t I eat anything tonight? I’M HUNGRY!”) I really understand that.

    So…be patient! It’s hard, and it’s painful, but sometimes you gotta let your body lead the way.

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