Belly Achin!

Oh Oh Wow.

Day after trick or treat….everyone always brings left overs to work to get rid of them.

Well for some reason I decided to be the human vaccuum….

I feel soooo sick now!  Spent most of the day on a sugar high, which worked well for work.

Now…I swear, if I see another Charleston Chew, Tootsie Pop, or mini 3 Musketeers, I may have to be violently Ill.  I am about to very happily embark on a lean protein and vegetable diet…

Any of you overeat after the trick or treat day?  What is your favorite???


and of course, big rock Candy Mountain  just to add some more fun….


3 thoughts on “Belly Achin!

  1. Yes, those little chocolate bars are too cute to ignore. My surprised but compliant roommate agreed that we’d package up the remaining candy (only 15 kids and we live on a residential cul-de-sac!) and hide it in the garage. And yes – the green veggies tasted awesome yesterday.

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