On Monday My PT and the MD had a little pow wow.  And Within a few minutes of my Physical Therapy Session, I crammed on my Saucony’s,  and was ushered outside to the NTC soccer field.

That’s the ariel view of the field.  Off to the right, the pool is half way in view, and then the building is the gym and the Physical therapy place.

I was a little afraid.  I had not been out running in a long long time, and I was not really sure what was going to happen.  My PT  really showed his ability as a clinician, as he chose the soccer field for a variety of reasons.

It is flat, and forgiving, and unlike the treadmill, it does not create any problem with maybe dragging the leg back.  (Hard to explain, and I can not find the right articles to link to).

Many surgeons recommend no one with a Labral tear train on the Treadmill ever again after the repair.  My Surgeon thinks that is unrealistic.

In addition, he chose the field because there was no one out there, so no pressure to run fast, or look good etc. That was when he really showed his smarts about his job, as I would have felt some intense pressure to try to do “something” on the TM in the middle of the gym.

We stood there looking across the vast expanse of green and He said, “don’t be afraid”  just go slow and see how you feel…

On Monday it felt OK.

I was really winded after just about 100 yards.  I was a little frustrated as I did not think 

I was in that bad of shape.  I was allowed to run part way around the field doing

run walk intervals 1 min on, 1 min off.  The weather was super fabulous, though it

felt as if there was a pretty stiff headwind, which was probably more of a

gentle breeze.  Such is my fitness these days.  I really did feel like I had

entirely lost every bit of cardio fitness I had.

Afterwards I finished up with PT.  I have to admit, I was really really happy that I am finally jogging, or Yogging or whatever again.  BUT…I was also thinking…

WTF!  I can barely move!

I was actually very low key about the whole thing because, well it had not gone that great, and a lot of muscles in my lower legs started to hurt.

My Doctor had reminded me that even though I have been doing cardio, there are a lot of muscles used in running that are not used with the Elliptical or the stationary bike.  He was right!

Today….MUCH MUCH Better!!!!!

I actually thought it might be worse.  The PT kept saying, “Just do a few more and we’ll go outside”  He said it was dangling a carrot in front of me.  It was , but I would have done the workout no matter what, it is what is getting me stronger, and capable of trotting round that field.

The sun was out again and I remembered my sun glasses. I had adjusted my shoes so they were more comfortable.  And for about 2 minutes there it felt like running.  I have no idea on pace or anything, nor do I think it matters.  It was just a perfect day to be out there, doing my thing.

Thats my Picture of the day a few hours later.  I mean, for November, it does not get much better than this.

I did a second lap and it felt a bit more difficult.  At the end of it He asked if I felt like I was limping.  I said “Yes”.  In reality I didn’t exactly feel like I was limping, but I noticed that I was sort of having more difficulty sustaining the pace I had set for myself  which was turtle slow.  SO….when I have trouble maintaining a pace, I am probably limping, and I get to stop.  Still, the little bit of running today has really whetted my appetite for more!  I so appreciate him spending that time outside “supervising” me.  My old PT flat out refused.  He told me that was not part of his job!  Interesting.

PT asked me today why I like running.  I told him frankly, I don’t know.  It’s been a constant in my life ever since I was a child, with my Dad being a distance runner, running crazy 70 mile weeks, it sort of gets in your blood.  One of my earliest memories is being at a “fun run”  and getting an “Honorable Mention”  ribbon,  as I didn’t place  in any of the events~I was about 4 and an early reader, but not a great reader, as I thought it said “Horrible Mention”  I cried and cried, and I just could not figure out why that college student was so smiley when she gave me this awful “Horrible to mention” ribbon!


Even after it was explained to me I was a little peeved.  Did you ever get an Honorable Mention?  Were you also Peeved?


Anyway…I’ve always done some sort of running.  There was that break in there when I was a swimmer instead, due to parental wishes.  My sister was an accomplished swimmer, so it was easier to have us both doing the swimming thing.  Luckily in Swimming I did win a few more awards other than the Honorable Mentions.


We would go and cheer my Dad on as he ran Marathons…not that many, as he like me, got injured.  I used to get pretty scared because he always looked sort of pale, sweaty and nearer to death than normal!

I ran in High school, but was terribly unserious, did not compete, and often got to the Orchard at the top of the Cross Country route, and sat down with a friend to eat an apple.  Nothing like a Crisp Apple, picked right off a tree in Pennsylvania. In college, I actually gained some pounds, and ran to not be fat.  In Nursing school, I ran because I wanted to fit into my darn ugly uniform pants. In grad School I ran for  no good reason at all. Once I became a nurse, I ran for stress relief.  I ran all over Africa.  Really.  I have run in so many places: Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico, Utah, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Oregon, in the US.  Outside of the US, I have run in Nigeria, Kenya, Liberia, and the Sudan.  In fact the only foreign language “Phrase” that I know is  Je’ vais a corrir dusumonde a la Airstrip Avec Mouton.  (loosely translated I go to run slowly on the airstrip with sheep).

I still don’t really know why I do it.  I think in part, it is like a meditation for me.  The one time of day when everything except the running leaves my mind and I can focus only on breathing and footfall.  Maybe.  All the other Mumbo jumbo that people sprout about “Freedom”  or “finding my inner child”  have not yet cut it for me.  I really wish I had a better answer.  I was glad he accepted the “I don’t know answer”  I was then able to shift into a discussion of my Dad, who is strange, and introduced me to the running thang.  He asked his name, so I am pretty sure my Dad will be googled away, as he often is. I have a partly famous some circles!

Of course I got a bright red face as I often do when running.  Still it was a good Day.

Why do you like to run?  Do you know exactly why?  Who started your running?  


My Only regret is that I am still Irritated by the whole fiasco that was my PT prior to this.  I now need more visits, and we are attempting to get them approved.  I reminded the manager in an acid tone that if the first PT had done his job properly, I would not be needing to go through this again. Manager finally said, well, what can I do to make this right for you?  I told him frankly, I didn’t know.  I want the original PT to give me a REAL apology, not just say the words and it would help if the Manager told me they would  finish my therapy no matter what the approval situation was, as they are the ones that screwed things up.  All I do now is worry about approval of visits, and what will happen if they aren’t approved.  Original PT is off on his HoneyMoon, Thank Goodness he is gone for a while, so no apology forthcoming.   It’s really clear to me that while i am getting better I’m not ready to decided on my own how to move forward.  I need supervision.

So  Yaaay For Running!!!!  Yay for New, very thoughtful, professional and fun to be around Physical Therapist who actually does his job.  and Yay for good weather.  Boo on all the Insurance company issues.


19 thoughts on “Running…really…

  1. Glad you got a new PT! Can’t force someone to give you a real apology. Don’t worry, he’ll get what he deserves. Keep the faith, lady! Glad you are beginning to run again!

  2. Jayne Richards says:

    Love it! Great to get out there & really run for a change. This PT sounds like he knows his stuff & is going to get you there soon. LOVE the horrible mention!!

  3. “Horrible mention,” lol! In gym I was just relieved to finish the damned run, so I didn’t care about any darn ribbon they handed me. It was usually in the academic subjects like essay writing and science where I resented getting an horrible mention. Even when I was receiving it in a very competitive contest, I thought it was vaguely insulting, like those “Good Job!” stickers my kids’ teachers would put on their assignments when they only got 70%.

    I’m glad you are able to run again. It’s going to be hard to get back to where you were before, but I suspect your PT is glad you can only go for a short distance. But I’m worried about going back to cycling after being sick and down for two weeks. I’m sure I lost a lot of endurance as well, but it’ll be good to be back outside. Take care.

  4. Yay Running, and good PTs who are actually helpful! I hope to be a PT(A) like that someday.

    I may be projecting a bit, but I like to run because it’s part of how I define myself. From what you said, it sounds like its been part of your life for an awfully long time. But I think it also helps us figure out who we are becoming- at least, it’s the only place I get to think about deep metaphysical stuff.

    That and I’m extremely vain, and healthier at 37 than I’ve ever been in my life. 🙂

    • Fritz, I’ve no doubt you are going to be helpful, thoughtful and someone people feel theycan trust.
      Good to be a bit vain and pea-cock like! I think it helps when you are in the middle of school!!! and yes, I think you maybe right…it does hlep us to figure out who we are becoming.

  5. Carolyn says:

    Still laughing at the “horrible to mention” award. Amazing what we think as kids. So glad that you are running again. I know it must seem so slow but you have really hung in there and continued to work hard to improve from your injury/surgery. Keep going day at a time. Also must say your new PT sounds wonderful and encouraging. Keep at it!

  6. Glad that it seems that you are on the right track now — and man, is it depressing about how long it takes to build up stamina and how quickly it goes away.

    I once got an “Honorable Mention” in a set of undergraduate research talks in which I participated. It felt like a backhanded compliment at the time, but in retrospect, I realize that it wasn’t.

    • It’s funny those Honorable Mentions. I know in my 4 yr old case it was so every kid could get a ribbon…but in the case of real Honorable mentions, its because they mulled and debated over who was to get the actual award, and then they really still wanted to compliment the other!

  7. “Horrible mention” really is funny! Poor little 4 year old, though…I’m sorry you were upset!

    I am so out of shape and have no motivation to get back in shape. Ah, well, one of these days!
    I hope it continues to improve for you!

    • LOL.. THe doc is single, but you know, he is HUGE and intimidating and kind of scares me. A lot of the ladies where I work think he is nice eye candy, soI remind them that he and I had a very specific date and I got to spend about 6 hours with him unclothed…of course, I remember none of it! the results so far have been good though!

  8. Getting to run again is fantastic for you! That’s so funny about the “horrible mention” – it’s given you a great story to tell though.

    I’ve never done any sort of distance running but all through school (primary thru high school) I ran 100 and 200 metre races – I used to get through our district and regional levels in the first 3 place getters but never placed in the State; I was also pretty good at high jump and I played basketball (it was called International rules basketball back then) making it into a state representative side – and then I got my referees license for basketball which required a lot of short burst running. Gosh, I’m feeling such a slug now that I’ve written all the things I *used* to do.

  9. This may surprise you, but I was a sprinter in my school days (I think probably because I need to be the leader of the pack). I used to enjoy running then as well as swimming, but time and laziness take their toll. Now any movement beyond raising my tea cup is more than I can consider!
    So glad that you are making a recovery, slow as it might be. It has been a long journey for you.

    • I totally can see you sprinting!!!! as long as you can still lift the tea cup you are doing spectacularly.
      It has been longer than expected. But…I’m coming out of it stronger than I went into it.

  10. How wonderful that you started running again! Hooray for you. This was a long time coming so I know you must be thrilled to be back at it. Your ‘Horrible Mention’ cracked me up. Its funny how as little kids things can get misconstrued. What a great role model you had with your Dad. My Mom was really the one that got me motivated to exercise. We would go with her to aerobics classes at young ages and I really think that has helped me as an adult stay active. I’ve run on and off for years. No one in my family really did it but I have a friend who runs all the time. Its really because of her that I started. I love how my body feels afterwards. Its such great exercise. Anyway, before this turns into a novel, I’m very happy for you! That must feel like so much progress.

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