going slow…

This has just been an incredible week for me.

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

That is Philippians 1: 6.  It’s one of the things I have repeated again and again as I have been struggling with why it is taking so long for me to recover from this darn surgery.

After this week, I finally have some Hope that I am healing. I’ve probably run a total of 2 miles this week.  Not in a row, and not all together.  I’m sore and achy and tired.  It feels great.  I can’t wait for more!  Of course I get to wait.

So much time has passed by and I have really been so frustrated by so many of the processes involved.  TO me this whole thing should have been much simpler, but…it just wasn’t.   It seems there were some lessons of faith and love that God wanted me to learn here.

So what on earth have I learned?

I will freely admit, I have not learned patience.  Not in the least.  More, I have learned that to get things done one much be somewhat aggressive, and assertive.  I’ve definitely learned that if you are friendly with the movers and shakers in offices (ie the receptionists!)  things get done much more rapidly than if you are not nice.

I’ve learned that there are people out there who really care more than I would have ever thought.  Support comes from some strange places indeed.  I’ve learned to accept the support given to me with grace.  It is great to be an Island, but it is even better to know there is someone who is totally Ok with you crying on their shoulder.

And I have learned if someone is a jerk, not to try to work things out for too long…there are much better people out there!

I’ve learned that people do give the support that they can and that some people just are not capable of giving me what I need at times.  And that gets to be OK.  People give what they are capable of giving in each different situation.

I’ve come into a closer walk with my faith, sort of.  It’s hard to explain.  I always knew God was with me, even if I never ran another step.  But I really got to examine the experience of being faithful, while experiencing a series of disappointments and frustrations and physical pain.

I’ve become more body aware.  I am so much better at deciding if I am having pain.  It seems silly, but it’s a big deal for me.

And I am learning to take things slowly.  Very slowly.  So now for your viewing pleasure.  Two versions of “Slow”  in Swahili.  love this music.


and then Slow slow  with a tune you may have heard if you listen to anything international.  We loved dancing to this…as campy as it is..


What have you had to wait on that ended up being better than ever expected?  How did you cope with the waiting?  Was the outcome good in the end?  Or did it end in a big disappointment?


4 thoughts on “going slow…

  1. The immediate (if similar) experience I had with waiting was following surgery to repair a torn ACL. I knew of others in my highschool who had the same injury and surgery and they all walked with a limp or never fully recovered but both had pushed the rehab to get back to their sports.
    Because of my mother (a nurse) I followed the program to the letter. At that time it meant 6 weeks on crutches, wearing a modified brace under my prom dress, a total of 4 months of regular rehab and then wearing a large, heavy brace for two years when running, skiing, kicking butt (I was in Taekwondo). It was unnerving and scary the first time trying those activities and then again without the brace but I have (touch wood) a solid knee joint to this day. I’ve even had some doctors ask the name of my ortho surgeon because of it, I tell them her name and that of my PT.
    It was well worth it to have the strength and stability back in that knee and for me to have the confidence in it as well.

    (now if I could only remember this lesson for other areas requiring time…)

  2. ramblebee says:

    There are many things that involve ‘going slow’, as good things take time. None of the things I have had to deal with have perhaps been as frustrating as your injury for you, but I’ve had broken bones and other aspects of life that have required patience.

    This is what I’ve learn:

    Patients causes appreciation.

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