Therapy Vacay comes to an end.

Today is the last day that I am without Physical Therapy.

I had really mixed feelings about not having any therapy for almost 2 weeks.  I like my current therapist and I think he is helping me progress towards something resembling running.  He does supervise me intently during our sessions, and sometimes I feel like I could do more than he allows.  I sort of wanted to try actually running, not intervals, or lateral skipping or whatever else he decided to have me do on any given day.

So, how did I do, unsuprevised?


The Proof

The proof of course is in the Pudding….WHere that phrase came from, well, I had to Look It UP. As it turns out, it means almost nothing.

My Vacation from PT started out with a rather lackluster run on a Thursday.  I was a little disappointed in it, as I thought for sure I’d be faster.  Lo and Behold, (I am enjoying using cliche phrases in this post!), I came down with a cold about 24 hours later, which may explain the feeling of “off” that I got.  So, probably just as well, I spent much of my Physical Therapy vacation in bed, coughing, sneezing and in general feeling lousy.  With all that going on , there was no way for me to actually do what I had envisioned, the running of more than one mile.  WHo knows if I had tried that, I might have ended up injured.

I went back to the running finally  yesterday, and found it a bit easier, though I am still having some issues with coughing.  Today I had the unique opportunity to run on the treadmill, as it was pouring rain down outside.  The treadmill felt great!  It is flatter than the ground of the soccer field, and so I felt a lot more secure about foot placement.  Of course though you don’t vary your speed like you might when you run naturally, so it was a little awkward, add in that I was trying not to be seen by the therapists…well, *awkward!*  But given that in about a week and change I’ve barely covered 2 miles…meh….

I ended up never actually running over one mile during the entire time period.  I was actually really sick for several of those days.

As I was going out to swim today I saw my PT, who was in the pool, doing some sort of static aqua jog.  He asked me a bunch of questions about the hip, and I don’t think I  gave him a lot to work with.  I did tell him I wanted to run some more.  He wanted a pain number.  Pain Scale Numbers are my Kryptonite!  I admitted to him that I had run on the treadmill.  He didn’t say anything.  And then when stymied by the pain scale question, I told him we could talk about it later.  I reminded him that he was not at work.  He explained that while he was treading water in the pool this was a fine discussion to have.  I decided it might be time to actually put in some laps.  I see him tomorrow morning anyway, so I am going to have to think of what number I am on a pain scale.

I have a lot of discomfort with extension of the leg.

see how the skeleton has it’s right leg extended behind him/her?  Thats when I get discomfort.  It is more than likely due to left over tissue adhesions and some inflexibility.   Mona gave me some new stretching exercises for that and they seem to be working, but I can not say they are pain free.  And occasionally at the end of a day I have some irritation with the way my leg feels, but none of it is so severe that it stops me from doing anything at this point.  So…is it pain?  or is it just a nuisance.  I have a feeling the hip/leg area is going to feel just a little strange for at least another 6 months til I get used to the new normal.

Well, we shall see what the Therapist thinks tomorrow, and how I do with the exercises after being unsupervised.  I did note that I sort of forgot and eliminated a few over the week.  oops!


6 thoughts on “Therapy Vacay comes to an end.

  1. I remember something from that seminar I went to- the hip labrum becomes a weight bearing surface at the extremes of range of motion. Obviously, I have no idea what went on with your injury specifically, or the treatments you had. But if were running like that skeleton is, I’d be in pain…

    Forgive us numbers oriented people- we’re not happy until we can quantify something. Especially something as nebulous as pain. 😛

  2. True Fritz…I don’t run like that, if anything, I’m a little bit stiff upright…
    that makes sense about the weight bearing surface at the extreme ranges, and it helps me to know this.

    Numbers are actually really good in PT…it gives everyone a way to know where a person is at day to day. I just can never decide if it is just annoying or actual pain…I mean except for that searing red/orangey pain, that is always pretty apparent.

  3. I was asked by my doctor to do an online health assessment today: one of the questions was about my arthritis, and at what number I’d rate my pain. I went blank—I mean, I feel pain, yeah, but does it stop me from doing what I want to do? No, because I’m stubborn, or I have to do it because no one else in the family will (housecleaning!). So I rated everything “5.” I don’t know if that helps the doctor at all, but it doesn’t do anything for me. I wish they had a better way of assessing pain, like asking me, “Did you need to lie down after working out?” (Yes!) or “Did your pain prevent you from reaching a high spot on the kitchen windows?” (Yes!)

    I’m glad you’re feeling so much better. I can recall your posts where it hurt just to get around during the day, and clearly that’s not the case now.

  4. Ok – therapy and recovering from an injury is serious stuff…but this

    “I reminded him that he was not at work. He explained that while he was treading water in the pool this was a fine discussion to have.”

    made me “laugh out loud”.

    • It was funny. It’s such a delicate balance. He and I were passing friendly before I started therapy, so now I try really hard to be sensitive to his personal time. All sorts of people come up to him while he is trying to do sets and stuff. I love that he is available to me at random times, but…I don’t want to push it!!!

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