Operation Christmas Child Drop Off Day!!!

This entire week has been drop off week for Operation Christmas Child!

Inspired by my friend Jim, who made at least 10 boxes, I decided on a whim to make more than two.   So I made, errr. 3.

And here they are!!!    I really had a TON of trouble wrapping them.  For people like me, and for me in the future, it is worth it to know that Operation Christmas child will provide pre-printed boxes.  I am not sure if there is a charge for the box or not though.

The wave of the future I think really is to use the plastic  tote boxes.  Here is one from Rubbermaid that I wish I would have used.  I’m going to keep my eyes out for sales so I can do this again next year in style.  It would be so nice if the box was also part of the gift.  Think of how useful that box with the latch could be!!!

As you can see the wrapping of those boxes was really not great, I was a little humbled when I got to the donation drop off and saw all the extremely tidy boxes stacked about.  But the donation ladies assured me cheerfully that they were “looking really good”  and toted them off.  I could tell one of the ladies was really curious about what I had inside the boxes!!!!  I am 100% positive she peeked after I left.  I am unsure of the collectors are also the box checkers.  Either way, I know my insides looked better than the outsides!!!  The women at the center were excited that I had used the EZgive option.  Seems sometimes people don’t want to pay the donation.  The donation can be expensive, especially if you went nuts and did a lot of boxes.  I financed this via my dog ambulation.

Teulu and I picked up pennies, dimes and all sorts of spare change.   I ended up with about 10.00 in spare change.  Not too bad for simply walking the dog and picking up money on the ground.  The other 11.00 I did donate out of my pay.

If you, like the ladies, are curious as to what actually ended up in the boxes…….

Here is the cool “Bounce and Flash ball”  that I love!!!  I got some for my nephews, and then went back to get one for my third OCC box.   And Here is a video  that shows how the ball works!  I tried to take a photo of it flashing but no dice.









You can see in the background that I went back and got another mini-soccer ball.  I made that box for a 5-10 year old boy.  I included lots of pencils, both regular and colored, toothpaste, toothbrush, some toy cars, erasers, and some candy canes.  I think the canes may break after being shipped all over the world, BUT, they are plastic wrapped and should still taste nice.

My last box eventually became a 2-4 yr old boy’s box.  I do not like this designation, as a 2 year old is really really different from a 4 year old.  All you Mom’s and Dad’s out there can attest to the huge changes that occur between 2 and 4 years.

I ended up with this:

You can see I added in a cuddly rabbit toy and the tube with stars on it is a kalediscope I found at the dollar store!  It’s made of metal so I think it will last at least for a while.  Most 4 yr old boys though will probably pry it open to see what is going on inside.  Of course all the boxes contained soaps, toothbrush and toothpaste.

I then went online to the EZgive option.  Operation Christmas Child asks for a donation of 7.00 for each box sent.  You can simply write a check and include it in an envelope inside the box, but with the online giving option, OCC gives a tracking number and bar code on the label so you can find out which country your box went to.  I decided that was the best way to give, as my check would have the chance to either get lost, or fall into the wrong hands.   I am really looking forward to tracking my boxes, though, I am not really sure when to do it- the collection week is over on Sunday this week, but when the boxes will get shipped out…who knows.the process seems pretty simple, though I did note that at the collection center, they seemed to be packing right for shipping, and that they had no scanner! I should have asked!! If anyone knows how that check process works from collection site to shipping, please let me know.  I’ll be rather disappointed if I can’t find out where my boxes go!   I hope that my boxes go to Africa, as I pretty much used my experiences in Africa as a packing guide, and did not include anything like mittens or hats.

So now, all I have to do is wait and Pray for my boxes.  If I do find out where they went, I will give you all an update!!


The most interesting and funny part of the donation process was the end.  The Church where I decided to donate had a number of items for the donators.  Lots of Stickers, bookmarks, that sort of thing.  The one lady was all a flurry handing me things and saying, “I sure wish we had more to give you”  I laughed and reminded her, “I’m here for the purpose of giving in this season!”  With that she relaxed and said, well, yes that’s true!

Wish you had made a box this year?  Well there is still time, as most places accept boxes until Sunday.  Click here on the link to find a drop off location near you, it also gives the hours.  Not sure you want to spend the weekend doing that?  Go to Operation Shoebox world.  Here you can select all the items you want to put into a box, and then with one click, have everything done for you!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!



5 thoughts on “Operation Christmas Child Drop Off Day!!!

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the appearance of the packages: the kids will just rip them apart when they get them, and they don’t care if they were wrapped in plain brown paper or gold foil. It’s the inside stuff that matters. That spiky ball is awesome—I think I’ll get some for my own kids as stocking stuffers. (Not that we’re so much into stockings and packages anymore—I’ll buy coffee/travel mugs or something similar and fill them up with goofy or yummy stuff, then cover it in colored plastic wrap. That way the older daughter and my son can easily stuff it into their duffel bags when it’s time to fly home.)

    I’m also going to take some old coats of my parents to the homeless shelter. The nighttime temps have fallen into the 30s, and it is brutal cold to be out on the sidewalks now. A homeless man at our little library branch is always looking for something to eat at our volunteer luncheons and meetings, so I think I’ll give him some Burger King gift certificates as well. A Burger King is close to our branch, and they serve decent coffee. The only thing is that the head librarian frowns on it: he apparently hits on other patrons for change, and she’s tired of having to ask him to leave, though he’s quiet, polite, and takes care of himself. The librarian says the library isn’t meant to be a social service center, however. Though we kind of are, especially nowadays.

    • That is so kind of you. and the BK certificates are very nice, as it is close to his hangout. Plus it shows you see him as a person, rather than an annoyance.
      I really liked the spikey ball. I know that eventually it will stop flashing, but it will still bounce! I think I am addicted to the whole shoebox thing now…Today I was in Target for more cough medicine…and ended up with some “hello Kitty” necklaces that were on sale for a dollar!!!! craziness.

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