Weight Loss Hot Pants?

Yes, that is the title of this post!!!

I subscribe to an email service that sends me weekly “groupons”  It’s a phenomena that pretty much has swept the United States, and probably the UK, Aus, Hong Kong, etc. The definition of a Groupon is found if you click the link.

So, over the past few months I’ve been offered low prices on dining of various cuisines, tours of various parks in our area, spas and massage places, gym memberships…you get the idea.   today I get an email alerting me to this deal….weight loss hot pants.

Well, if you click on the link you can see they look like simple black polyester shorts.  Not at all like these from another era.


Here is the description!

Zaggora’s hip-hugging HotPants slim bodies by up to two jeans sizes in two weeks using a comfortable bioceramic material that emits infrared rays to help wearers naturally and efficiently amp up weight-loss regimens. The shorts’ Celu-Lite technologysmoothes thighs and other dimple-prone areas by galvanizing the skin’s internal zamboni to promote a deep warming of body tissues and promote lymphatic drainage. This process boosts sweating by up to 80% and aids in eliminating the toxins responsible for cellulite. Ladies can sport HotPants alone or under other clothing while awake and active, asleep in bed, or executing a series of high kicks when sleepwalking.

Seems that many women would not want infared rays around their pelvis….

Secondarily,  did you know that our bodies have an internal Zamboni???

I am sooo sure I did not learn about this part in Nursing school!!!

Toxins, apparently are now responsible for Cellulite.  Last I checked cellulite is unsightly fat.  About.com  has some interesting things to say about cellulite and why exactly it looks the way it does…. Amazingly, that web site, along with several others, states that A healthy diet with exercise can reduce the appearance of cellulite!!!  Last I checked it is possible to do both of these items without any special devices!

After a little bit of research, I have learned that there may be some benefit to assisting your Lymphatic system with drainage. These “hot pants” apparently do this.  I also learned that just yawning stimulates the Lymphatic system, soooo, not sure that these hot pant will do it better than putting on regular Hot pants.

I just don’t know.  But I think…I’m going to pass on this groupon!


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