De-Clutter Weekend

This weekend was a De-Clutter weekend, organized here on WordPress by CrankyPants.

I actually found out about it on reading Hangaku Gozen’s Blog.  It seemed like a great idea.  My home is small, and I have recently been pretty sick, and busy so the place was rather cluttered.   Well.    It still is.   I actually though about it a lot over the weekend while I did almost nothing.

Today, I finally got around to the area I had decided was in serious need.

As agreed… before and after photos!

This is my little crafting area.  I had just used the table to make an informative poster for work, and also to wrap my Operation Christmas Child Boxes.  and to apparently throw everything that I can not figure out what to do with….

Well.  It took only a short time but this is what I have now.

Much better.  Everything that came off the table was either thrown out, or put somewhere appropriate (not in a new pile), or washed and put into a cabinet.

Nice and all ready for my next little project!


6 thoughts on “De-Clutter Weekend

    • Thanks Lauri!!! I have to admit, the before photo, Made me hang my head in shame. Funny thing is that as I cleaned up that one area, all sorts of other areas got tidier and tidier as I looked for places to put stuff away. Not perfect, but much improved!

  1. I haven’t seen anyone’s “before” pictures that were all that bad. I guess life is generally messy for those of us living normal lives without housekeepers, cooks, laundry maids and gardeners. Which would be 99% of us! 😉

  2. Ooh, someone has a fish tank! I found a fish tank under all the clutter my parents had, and would like to put some exotic goldfish in there just because I love watching fish swim. But your place isn’t half as bad as my parents’ house. And that reminds me, I need to get a bookshelf into my room so I’m not storing mine on the floor anymore. But yes, I need to do Christmas cards after Thanksgiving. I missed last year, and I couldn’t believe how many friends were upset by my not sending them one. So now I’m under the gun to sent out cards.

  3. Great job! It always feels good to have room to work. I still have to finish my project from last weekend and then post pics. Then I can start on a whole new one! But I feel more ready than I did last weekend. I was feeling really lethargic (PMS does that to me, but that’s over with thank goodness).

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