Slow progress. Watching grass grow.


I am about 6 months Post Op.

At this point, I really am glad I had the surgery.

I walk much better, the groin pain is gone, and with the help of the massage therapists and being diligent with the therapies, most of my flexibility has returned.  My Massage therapist was so surprised the other day at how many different ways my legs bend and twist now.  It’s really nice. I can put on shoes, pivot, squat, and do just about anything.  High impact stuff…like say jumping jacks or jump roping… probably still not on the list.  Activities like Mud Runs, or Cross fit training, also probably not going to happen.  Lucky for me, I never really did any of that.

I am running very slowly.  I’ve been cleared to run up to 20 minutes.  So far I can only manage about 12.  I get out of breath, occasionally my hipleg hurts, but mostly it is that I lost all of my base.  Endurance they say is the last thing to go when one becomes de-conditioned.  Mine is gone.  Despite all the swimming, stationary biking and ellipticalling,  I really never could duplicate the intensity of running.

In the past couple of days I’ve been happy to note that while I am having pain, most of it is in places that really don’t involve my hip.

I am actually developing a myriad of beginning runner ailments!!!   My Hamstrings are really super tight.  I kind of think it’s odd because I never had really good hams before all the Physical Therapy.   I think the imbalance between my strong quads and weak hammies probably caused some of my past injuries.

But now…they are strong, and now they are all knotted up.  No real worries about this.  I have Mona in about a week, she will Massage out all the knots.  plus I have the handy dandy Foam roller…no need for an appointment for that.

I also seem to have developed a shin splint!  I have not had a Shin Splint in years.  In fact                    

When I first noted the pain, it was/is very similar to the pain of a stress fracture, so I kind of freaked out

just a little.  Thing is…The top mileage I have had was 4 miles in one week!  After casting about for a few days,

I realized it was just a common beginning runner issue: the shin splint. Now icing it, but not really cutting

back on the miles just yet.  Gotta have something to cut back on.

At this point, I am starting to think of the hip as a Non-issue.  I have occasional Pain, and am still tighter than usual.  Barring any freaky accident, I think my hip will be fine.   I have PT though, until December 20th.  I told Mona I was not sure I still needed the therapy, but she strongly encouraged me to keep at it.  There are some things in PT that I do that I can not replicate in the regular gym (Ballistic Squats, and Crazy TRX exercise.) And it does help to have someone supervising me.  I still am of the mind set of “If I have a day off work, I must run”.  Rest days from running are so important for me right now…I’m running such a small amount it seems silly, but, with the pains I am developing, I so clearly need the rest. It is a lot easier to rest when someone else puts the brakes on, I don’t know why.  I am an adult, I make all sorts of decisions each day, but the decision to rest…always feels lazy and as if I am wasting an opportunity.

So, of course with the ability now to run over a mile without a walk break.  I have started to think about my next Marathon!  Of course, a 5K needs to come in there first.  Really.  and the Half that I am already registered for.

My biggest issue now is that progress is proceeding now at a real snail’s pace.  I am adding about -.10 of a mile each time I run, maybe 30 seconds, or so.  I know that at some point, I am going to have another semi-big jump in ability, and I am primed for it.  But I need to be happy with the smaller steps.

I’m still remembering my PT’s statement of doing all the little steps to achieve the big goal.


7 thoughts on “Slow progress. Watching grass grow.

  1. Jayne Richards says:

    Great to hear you’re making progress! Slowly, but surely. The tortoise & the hare, and all that jazz. I’m looking forward to running that Seaside Half pain free!!

    • Jayne you are running Seaside! SQUEEEE! We are going to have to hang out, either the day before, or afterwards at the BBQ. Going to be tons going, I know like 15 people already!!! wild.

  2. Progress is good! You are doing the right thing by being careful upfront. It will pay off! Keep up the great work, lady.

    (p.s. mud is way overrated… people are going to have to pay me to run in mud from now on.)

    • I have never been intrigued by the Mud runs, but they are really are popular!!! My first race back looks to be the Santa Run in my town, a 5K in which I have to wear a Santa Suit…hmmm….maybe I want to feign a need for more training time!!!

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