Best Day Ever!

Yesterday I think I had my best day ever since the surgery.  It was more fun than I could have imagined, and more painful in the aftermath than I would have thought as well.

Because of the Thanksgiving Holiday, I was scheduled to do therapy two days in a row, which is sort of a No-No.  But…given the point where I am at, and my own schedule, i take the appointments as they come.

On Monday  we did almost all of the  exercises I dislike…all in a row.  It was surprising because I like most of them, but he picked out the ones that really aggravate my weak spots, and he added repetitions to all of them.  In particular, the “TRX Sports band”   thing, where he ties something like this:

to my waist, then ties it to the door and has me do lateral lunges, again and again.  It is a very good exercise for the adductors.  My adductor is one of my biggest problems.  I see the value, but man I hate doing them after the first 15.

I was cranky the whole time and very non communicative, and just did my stuff.  When he found out I had a session on Tuesday he told me to go home and not do anything else for the rest of the day.

I thought he’d let me run, but when I asked, he said No.  No discussion like we usually have, nothing.

Since he was pretty firm, I decided to take his advice.  I went to bed for most of the day.

Tuesday I was feeling much better, though my glutes were really sore from the sports band.   I took proactive action, warmed up and then used the foam roller for about 30 minutes.  then stretched everything out.  After all that it felt pretty good.

PT came and actually sat down beside me instead of waving me over to his area.  We talked for a few minutes about how I felt.  I did the usual oh so irritating, discussion regarding “am I having pain?” and he finally said, “lets go out and run.”   With that I cheered semi loudly and squirmed about happily in the chair, much to the surprise of the other PT patients.  I think he know that when I know that there is running as an option, I am not going to admit to anything that will keep me indoors.

It was a beautiful day!!!!   I ran around the soccer field for a while, being observed for any unusual gait or other issues.  At the end I stopped and walked a bit. I was feeling so good I actually spoke to the PT.  We talked about how I was now starting to be able to think about “actual running”  rather than rehab activities…and I told him about my one and only 7 minute mile, when I was chased in new Mexico by a huge rotteweiler down a dirt road in Chimayo. He grinned and commented “Yup, all you need is a little motivation”.  It was great to feel relaxed enough to share little things with him…nothing critical to therapy, just being able to be myself just a little.

After that I casually asked when I might be ready to start to run some hills.  He looked at me oddly and said, well, in about 2 minutes.  It was a crazy day.

first I ran down a rather mild incline, and he told me to run fast.  He actually stood at the top of the hill  

and shouted Pick up the pace, Pick it up…Pick it up!  I tried to do so, and found that I was actually afraid

of taking a bit of a header.  This downhill run was the only not so successful one.  on the second run

down, I noted some pain on impact at the hip flexor region of the groin.  ICK.   So I slowed down and

walked all the way back up the hill…He and I talked about it and he put the kibosh on the downs with speed.  It

was a bit much, considering I have not run on asphalt and most of my time post surgery people have been yelling “Slow down”  at me.

He then decided I should go up a small incline and jog back down slightly faster.  Way fun. the traffic on that road though, was oddly present.

After than he took me to this special grassy Hill by the track.

Its a little bit hard to see it from this ariel photo, but if you look closely you can see a tiny tan line in the grass- sort of where the road makes a T and turns into the parking lot where the first Building is.

That hill, I walked down, and then sort of “jogged up”  It was the best!!!!!  It was really hard to do for so many reasons, balance, strength and my general unfamiliar-ness with hills.  I got to do that 3 times, probably because my first effort was quite timid.  It was so fun.  I think I might have even smiled.  I did turn to him at some point and tell him “outside is way more fun than inside”  He said “Outside is 100% more fun”…So hopefully we can do more outside in the future.  I do better being removed from the other therapists and such.  I can just concentrate on what we are doing and enjoy myself.  I think he knows this, but, if he runs more than one patient at a time, the outdoor session is a goner.  Last time he was running my session and a session for an ancient man, as well as checking in on some clients that his aide was working with.  Not really a good time to say “See ya!” and head out of doors when ancient man could fall just walking 2 steps.  I am so on the edge of being able to police myself….but it’s the edge, my confidence is not yet restored.

We then walked up to the training center for more indoor fun and games.

I remarked on how I would not have been able to do any of what I had done just one month ago, and he agreed entirely.  It is so good to see, AND agree on things.  We talked about how much more flexible I am.  I said I was so concerned because I had been so stiff.  He remarked, “everything comes back eventually”.  Still, I find a lot of people post Labrum repair seem to complain of decreased mobility.  PT told me that many people get to a point and then forget or grow tired of the stretching and conditioning needed to recover.  We agreed that when having surgery it’s best to commit to the program ahead of time.

What he said did remind me of this:

Let nothing disturb you.
 Let nothing frighten you.
 All things pass.
 God does not change.
 Patience achieves everything.
 Whoever has God lacks nothing.
 God alone suffices.”

 Saint Teresa of Avila

It’s a strong message to Christians.  I have to admit though, it’s not one that I practiced successfully. Pertly because I also believe that God doesn’t appreciate anyone just sitting back and waiting for God to suffice.   I think God appreciates effort and work, and rewards it as such.  I also think that this is a goal, that we can strive to, that Peace from God.  It’s one of the hardest things to watch and wait…

Post Therapy, I spent several Happy minutes talking to my trainer.  We talked about a possible marathon one year from now, his upcoming races, and a variety of other crazy stuff.  My PT walked by and the three of us sort of laughed at how excited I was over 3 hill repeats in sunshine!

After a while, I shifted my weight around and found myself in horrific pain!  So so sore.  So I ended up having an Emergency consultation with Mona….Today I’m at my parent’s home relaxing and waiting to see the rest of my family.

This year I am so thankful for my returning ability to run.  I am so thankful for the people who have facilitated this, and those that have supported me through my low times.  I am also thankful for the many many life lessons that God has taught me through this time.  It feels like 30 years of lessons rolled into 6 months.  Would that they all stick for the future.


5 thoughts on “Best Day Ever!

  1. Your Thanksgiving must have so many different levels of gratitude this year. Hope you enjoy yours, and you allow yourself to feast tomorrow. You can always run it off later! 😉

  2. Jayne Richards says:

    Seems we’ve been “of a mind” this week about patience, lessons, and unanswered prayers. Love your continued recovery! And, I really think, the lessons learned will certainly stick. Happy Thanksgiving!

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