Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m ultimately glad the holiday is almost over.

I have to say I miss my own home, terribly.

I’ve spent the last 3 days trapped in a home that is designed for essentially 2 people, but is filled with 7, plus 2 cats.  Of the 7, 2 are well under the age of ten.

I am starting to really admire parents of boys.  My sweet intelligent and fun Nephews have become non-stop talkers.  There is instant replay on every action made by anyone or anything.  After about 2 days of this I was spent.  Completely unable to process any more nephews.

I do rather feel like the “bad auntie” now, but…I guess I am just not up to the task…

but actually no amount of anything could cause these two to entertain themselves.

They do get very excited.  Going to the Grandparents involves things like Tractor rides, walks through the woods where actual visible snakes live, watching pine cones explode in the fire, and…Cats that are chaseable and somewhat tolerant of little boys, multiple Amish buggies/wagons…

I do like children.  But wow, what a 100% challenge….


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Good to hear you had a happy Thanksgiving! But you’re not a “bad auntie,” you’re a sane adult who’s not used to having children yammer at them all day and night. Even after raising three of them on my own, I still have a hard time with screechy, excited children who run into me and have to comment on every goshdarned thing in the room. “Is that pie? I hate pie! Well, I don’t like pie crust. But I like filling. Is that pumpkin pie? I don’t like pumpkin pie but I like whipping cream!” All spoken at the top of their little lungs.

    Happily my nephew is a teenaged boy who prefers to sit in a corner and silently text his friends while we’re eating, and my niece is a young woman who’s very sweet and considerate. So that leaves my 20-somethings, who sometimes forget their mother exists, and other times forget she doesn’t have three heads. By the end of the holidays, my head is spinning.

    • You got it just right with the Pie comment. I know they are just kids. My reward for this bad auntie post was to be sandwiched between 5 (count them!!!) kids under the age of 8 on the airplane. I thought it was kismet.
      Take good care!!!

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