Physical Therapy continues….running…and….

After my vacation in Pennsylvania, I got to return to my regular routine  fairly quickly.

Like almost immediately.  My good friend picked me up at the airport, and dropped me off at home, where I simply slept most of the day and night away.

Woke up and went on to Physical Therapy.

I kind of expected the therapist to discharge me because I seem to be progressing quite well, after my Best Day Ever!  No discussion of that.  In fact, he seems to be able to continually find something new to challenge and advance my progress towards actual regular running.  What amazes me is that so many of the things I am doing now, are not things I would have  come up with on my own.  And they aren’t things I see the Gym trainers doing, so I feel like I am still getting some “worth” out of going to PT.

Joy today, My rehab Buddy, a firefighter from Miami who sufferred a horrendous injury in June, was back in rehab after a second surgery.  He’s with my PT and looks great.  The second (or 5th I can not recall), surgery seems to have really helped  but of course, he remains frustrated.  I was so happy to see him, I hugged him, which is very atypical for me.  My PT noticed that…and looked shocked.  I wanted desperately to run in PT today so I said, “I think Bill wants to go do his PT down by the soccer field”  My PT totally misunderstood, and thought I was trying to pick up the firefighter.  I had to explain that *I* wanted to go outside.   Bill and I got a chance to catch up, and since we are now doing some of the same exercises, we commiserated and offerred each other tips and encouragement.  It made PT so much more fun.

My Therapist, once again, being a cut above the others took advantage of our fun and placed me right beside him for the rest of the day.  It made things a lot better when I attempted to do the one legged chair thing.

My exercise is essentially this, but using a regular chair, and as of today, when I tried to stand up and made some sort of animal noise, causing my rehab buddy to fall out laughing, I get an extra piece of foam to make it slightly easier.  Rehab buddy so distracted me that by the end of the one legged chair thing I had forgotten how hard they are and was shooting up and down and up and down.

Onwards, I did a few of my old exercises, and also got to SKIP down the hall.  I was afraid of skipping, but actually it was not really painful, unlike the last time I tried it.

I felt like this girl, when I realized that my three laps of skipping were not going to create massive pain.

We then moved on to  three cone balance exercise.  Apparently this is something known by football players especially kickers.  I do hope I will not be expected to do any football kicking.  This was new to me, and one I would never have thought about.  It involves both strength and balance, so perfect for me.  I struggled with it, especially the far cone.  My rehab buddy watched me (he was icing at this point), and informed me that the cones were simply too short.  I told him it had to do with the budget cuts….misery loves company I suppose.

I was then moved to the Sports cord area.  And felt again like a Clydesdale dragging something…PT did mention at this point that I was “improving at this”.  Those stupid little nuggets keep me at it.  Since I am in my body day in and day out, it’s hard to see progress.

Only one thing made me really not pleased today.  PT vetoed my idea of running a 5K on the 10th of December.  He was adamant.  Told me I could walk it, or run half and quit (like the Pros do..for Ironman events not 5K’s).  We will see what I eventually decide.  Officially there is a big No.  but unofficially, I think I can do it, and I think it would be alright.  Whatever I do the therapist seems to understand that for whatever reason, I just want to run a race.

But, big news, it looks like I may be running the famous Bay to Breakers this year in May.  Or at least walking it with a friend.  Bay to Breakers is sooo cool, I am verklempt!

4 thoughts on “Physical Therapy continues….running…and….

  1. Right on – what a good feeling that must have been. You’re a grown girl – and know you’re body best, so maybe you can handle the 5km. The next couple of weeks as you progress and tune into how you’re feeling you’ll be able to tell.

  2. Emmy says:

    I am so happy for you! It must have been so frustrating all this time, but it sounds like you are at a turning point. We just visited Miami for the first time by the way, we are having a short vacation in Florida. If you have any time off let me know, maybe we could have coffee – we’re on kind of a frantic schedule but would love to chat if possible!

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