Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania

I did take a few photos.  Not very many but just enough to prove I suppose that I was there!

Here is myself with my sister a top a hay round.  I am on the right of your screen in red, and my sister is in brown.  Proving, I need a diet. (which I am embarking on like, today.  ick!)

There is not too much to do in our neck of the woods.  Lots of walking and observing of the local Amish/Mennonite/Hudderite populations.

They seem to be quite social, as the buggies and wagonloads of folks never really stopped coming at all hours of the day and night.  I remember this from childhood, but because we lived “in town”  seeing the buggies was less common.

Fairly Bucolic, really. and very peaceful.

I can see why people enjoy the scenery of Pennsylvania.

And we also remember exactly why we don’t live there anymore!!!

Indoors there is the main attraction…the new 7 months old mow, Kitten!

Cat's in the bag!

That has got to be one of the more tolerant kittens out there…

I will admit, despite the mild weather and all, up there, it really is good to be home.  Home is very very quiet.

Oh oh I did run while I was up there.  New Distance record since surgery was able to run 1.5 miles in 17 minutes.  I am actually thinking hard about a small local 5K on December 10th.  we’ll see.  I mean 1.5 is half the distance!



7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania

  1. Your photos remind me of when my older daughter, SIL and I drove to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water House in Mill Run, PA. At one point, we got lost and were driving down this quiet country road. My son-in-law was frustrated with not knowing where he was, but I was delighted by the countryside and the quick view of an Amish horse and carriage. I can understand now why people like living there, though I suppose the winters can get dreary and some might miss civilization (museums, restaurants, theaters, the good parts) a bit. And you don’t look overweight at all. You’ve seen my photos, so you know I’m the one who needs to shed some pounds. But I’m glad you had a good time, and a good run!

  2. Pounds, schmounds! You both look great! I’LL lose some pounds! 😉
    Or maybe I won’t. If I have to give up wine I just won’t!

    It is beautiful there!

  3. Two friends and I were trying to plan a vacation and after I gave my requirements (something along the line of escape from city hustle bustle, good food and somewhere I can buy local) one friend responded with “Amish country”.

    It does look lovely, and I can also see enjoying more as a vacation than longer term.

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