Pushing my Luck

So I did it.

I totally pushed my luck today and  I *might* be paying for it.

Like this brave Kitty, who was probably warned, I proceeded with an activity which I had been warned against.

I ran 3 miles.

I had been able to run two miles this week, twice with no real consequences if you will. I ran them, they felt pretty good. As mentioned before,  I discussed with my Physical Therapist the possibility of running a 5K in the next few weeks.  He said No, and I think he meant it.

So for some reason, with some time off today, I decided to try and see if I could run 3 miles, which is about a 5K.

The run itself really went OK.  I had some trouble, as expected on the Hills, and ended up walking a little bit here and there.  In general though I felt fine during the run.  No pain, no problems.  I sang this song the whole time.

After the run, the gym was pretty empty so I took advantage of this,  and did so of the PT exercises that I can only  do in PT or when there is no PT (Weekends/early morning/late night)  I did the one with the sports band that tends to light up my adductor for days after.  I really have to keep at that one, one of these days it won’t be as bad.  Then I proceeded to do a bunch of abdominal stuff, more hip stuff, and what not.

To cap off my day at the gym, I spent 25 minutes swimming laps in the pool.  I started to note that my whole hip area was not feeling that hot at that point.

Now, about 10 hours later…

As my PT would say,  “I’m all lit up”  

Sort of like this lovely image,  but more painful.  I keep thinking  “All lit up like a Christmas Tree”

I stretched and iced after all this stuff.

Still I am finding that I indeed do have some real pain.  I iced again, and maybe it will be alright.

We will see.  I am really really sore, but really hopeful that I soon will be thinking and prattling on about actual training plans, and not Physical Therapy.

And yep, I’m registering for the 5K.  I figure I can do it, and i now have a week to recover…. PT will be a bit upset if somehow he is either racing that day or gets wind of it….

I hate to admit it, but that very fact makes it more interesting!!!!  I am such a nerd!



6 thoughts on “Pushing my Luck

  1. Oh lord. Good luck with the 5K. I think you are terribly brave, far more brave than I am. I’ve been hurt often enough that I never want to push my body beyond the “ouch” zone. My doctor used to lecture me about pain being a warning sign that your body’s been injured, so it shouldn’t be ignored. And now that I’m over 50, I respect that. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t run, but just be careful, okay? 🙂

  2. teachprayrun says:

    Oh, boy! I have so been there before! Like someone said before, you feel like you’re breaking the law! Or rather, breaking the ten commandments of PT. I hope you’re doing better- and hopefully you get an early holiday present>>> early PT release! Best wishes!

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