Inspired by Mike the pool running maniac

I post most of my workouts and training on A web site called  The Daily Mile.   The best way to explain Daily Mile is that it is rather like Facebook for runners, Walkers, Cyclists, and anyone who is working on fitness.  Unlike many of the other workout tracking web sites, Daily Mile has a lot of neat little graphics, and such that allow for a lot of interaction.  I’ve actually met several other local runners through Daily Mile so it’s been pretty neat.  I’ve also made some on line type pals who have been incredibly supportive and understanding during my recovery.

Today I posted this workout from Physical Therapy.
blech PT and such 1.5 mi 00:18 12:00 pace

Did the elliptical. then did Skeletors workout. 
Reverse hypers 
hip hikes 
sports band 
adductor raises 
walking lunges 
pivot with the gray band 
standing up with one leg, PT bumped me back to the foam… 😦 
cone and balance 
one legged bridges YUCK, I suck at these. 
some sort of mt climber that is upright… 

Mike one of my on line people replied that he’d like a video of these special “One legged bridges yuck I suck at these”.

Well, these are One legged bridges, but this guy doesn’t really suck at them.  though, by putting his arms out there on the floor he is reducing the effectiveness of the exercise.

I thought I’d provide a transcript of PT and MG’s interaction.

Skeletor (PT):  ok so one legged bridges, do like 30 of them…

MG: OK….. proceeds to hop on the table and attempt one legged bridges.

Skeletor:  Ok, Stop.  You need to push up higher, and raise up your right hip as well, OK yes, thats it.

MG:  but thats a lot harder.

Skeletor: Yup.  I get paid to critique you and help you.

MG yeah, but its hard.

Skeletor:  Yeah, you’re a Marathoner.  This isn’t hard.  just keep doing them.

MG:  But I can’t do any better, I am doing the best that I can.

MG: does 5 more.  Do you really want 30?

Skeletor, OK, Make it like 20.

MG I can’t seem to get any stronger.

Skeletor:  You are stronger….keep doing them.

MG: but I suck at them….

Skeletor:  So, keep doing them…..

Yeah, I think I need to get Skeletor something nice for putting up with that for as long as he has.

Even I got annoyed listening to myself!!!

He did say he though I was “doing great” with everything and progressing well…at least until he heard about my weekend plans.  😉


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