Life’s Updates..yet again!

I really am lacking a creative title for this post.

SO how are things going?

Work is alright.  We are starting to be quite busy again, so thing shave been less fun.  I spent the beginning of December being assigned to the Trauma rooms quite a bit.  Patients were passing on also on a daily basis.  I began to feel a bit of despair, and frustration, as it never feels right when the guys at the Organ Procurement agency know you by name.  Luckily, I was able to have a conversation with my Manager and she seems to have fixed my assignment concern.  Unfortunately this seems to have resulted in several days in Triage, which is really a hot hot seat when there are no rooms in the back and you have someone who is really ill.  It’s an ongoing thing, these assignments each day and almost no one is ever entirely delighted with where they are.   Otherwise work is fine.  I have to eventually register for the certification exam and brush up again on the things I need to know.  It is an expensive test, and will be reimbursed if I pass, but…first I have to put up the cash, so come January I think I shall take care of that little issue, maybe take the test in February.  Hopefully nothing more happens that is strange at work, because I kind of like it the way that it is.

Running has been WONDERFUL.  As I mentioned in a Post a little while ago, I felt like I would eventually have a kind of big jump in ability.  I think this week it actually came.  Over the week I ran 12 miles, which isn’t too much.  I was able to run 4 miles twice, which is a new distance for me.  And I felt well enough and capable enough to be part of a group run this morning.

Here we are the 4 of us, plus our photographer, getting ready to go.   As I mentioned in YET ANOTHER POST, a long time ago. , I have never been one from group runs.  I have always figured either I’d get left in the dust, or otherwise struggle.  This group of Ladies I met mostly through Daily Mile some time ago and had never really run with them.  I think because my pace is better, and because I had surgery I felt comfortable going out with them.  I figure if I really get tired, I can use the surgery as an excuse.

One of the ladies is keen on the Galloway run/walk method.  I have never been quite so organized about my walking and running breaks, but I decided to try it with her today.  It was really fun.  I am not very disciplined though and at about mile 2.3 when we were on one of the last longer downhills of the run and the watch beeped to walk, i just ran on, deferring the walking to a further point up hill.  I can see though, how this method may help me especially on longer runs.  Today we used a 3 min run 1 min walk ratio, and I think I might prefer a 5-6 min run 1 min walk ratio, but I need to maybe experiment with it a bit.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the whole group running thing, as everyone was so cheerful, and funny.  It was very early though for my day off, so that was a little ick.

I started to tentatively sketch out a race schedule for 2012.  Looks like a good year for me!  My hammer toe seems to be coming back, so I have splinted it down again in hopes of that going away!

Physical Therapy.

I have my last two sessions this week.  This is going to be a very strange time for me.  I really did get attached and a bit reliant on my Physical Therapist.  And while I will be returned pretty much directly to Coach H. I know it’s a different kind of relationship.  My Therapist has taught me to really slow down and think about what I’m feeling physically, and decide if it is soreness, a feeling of strain or a big huge stop.  My coach is more about pushing me.  I can not wait to be finished, because other than my particular physical therapist and one receptionist, the rest of the staff there are truly AWFUL.  Lately when I tell people I have therapy at the NTC, they almost always wrinkle up their nose and tell me how they hated going there because of the attitude of the staff.

So, it’s going to be hard.  I finally went and got my PT a little gift for being so tolerant of me.  Apparently I was rather a pill back in October/November, to most everyone.  Mona the massage lady let her tongue slip a bit last week saying, “We knew you would come around, and we figured it was mostly the pain that made you that way.”

I have not figured out a way to express to him the absolute depth of my Gratitude.  When I had to walk back into that facility, I was not only really angry, but I was terrified that I would just never really be able to get out there and run and train again.  I knew I would probably be able to jog, and  run short events like 5k’s, but…the idea of running longer seemed to be something that was not going to happen.

He managed to get beyond all that anger and fear and have me focus on the things that needed to happen to return me to running.  Yeah, it is his job.  But you know, some people are not very good at their jobs.  I am so blessed that he somehow was able to get me moving in the right directions.  I hope he will understand and I wish there were more that I could do for him to really let him understand this.

Christmas is coming.  I did a very haphazard job of holiday gifting this year.  Everyone is getting gift cards or somesuch nonesense.  My Mother has no idea what she wants, so it is one week until the day and I have no gift for her.  I managed to mail out about 6 Christmas Cards, I gotta wonder where did the time go!


Hope everyone is having a good time preparing for the Holidays of the season…



6 thoughts on “Life’s Updates..yet again!

  1. I am so happy things are going so well for you!! I knew you’d et back to running, and with the Leo of your PT and coach, I think you’ll be stronger than ever.

    I know what you mean with the time flying. I’m just glad the end of the year is here – I get to breate for a few weeks before heading back out on the road.

  2. Ah haven’t had thec hance to be around much, so being able now to read that you have had a great development healthwise is fantastic. Am very glad that you are many steps closer to your passion again!

  3. Galloway made popular what every experienced ultrarunner always has known …. walking is a sign of success. It’s a tactic that enables one to complete distances that otherwise seem impossible. Often with less pain and suffering than running much shorter distances.

    Why beat yourself up so much by tyring to run every single step? No matter if running or walking, every step forward is a step closer to the finish line.

    Any skeptics who think walking during a running race is a sign of failure, I have only one response: Come run/walk 50 or 100 miles with me. Then they’ll understand.

    As for trauma, ER and triage… I’m an endocrinologist. I don’t go to the ER.

    My life’s mission is to try to keep my patients from ending up there ( I don’t always succeed). Even thinking about going to the ER gives me tachycardia and near panic attacks.

    So I don’t.

    Great to see you are running (and walking) again!

  4. I never want to go on group runs either, but I always enjoy them when I do. I just worry about pacing- I always want to keep up with everyone but sometimes I have to force myself to slow down…which is hard in a group!

    Sounds like you have a great PT! How did you get injured? Glad to hear your runs this week have been wonderful!

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