UPS nightmare

So I finally decided to go get some good compression gear.

After comparing the prices of my local store, which is a great store, and the online prices, I decided to go online.

I found a great sale on Orca Gear!  and promptly, after thinking about it for 2 days…dropped a pretty penny on some sale items.  I am most excited about the Orca 1/2 tights.  Or Long shorts!

Here they are in all their glory.  because it was a good sale, I got a pair of full length tights as well.  These look essentially like regular black nylon/spandex running clothing, but they actually are designed like those Jobst stockings, for people with bad varicose veins.  They compress the muscles and in theory allow for faster recovery and also some comfort.  They were recommended by both my physical therapist and the massage therapist.

So… I ordered and found they were shipping next day air via UPS.  I have to admit, I got REALLY excited.  Firstly it has been a long long time since I had any reason to get new gear.  (well, I did get new shoes in October, and remember I could not sleep the night before!)  And secondly, I think they might actually help a lot with some of the soreness I’ve been having.  So I was really thrilled to find out the package was going to be delivered today.

When I went out I left a signed note saying, please take package to office if I am not here.  I got back about 2 pm, and no notice. So I took the note off the door and commenced to wait.  And wait and wait.

At about 7:10 I finally called UPS, and discovered they were delivering up til about 10-11pm at night due to the holiday situation. They can not contact their delivery guys while they are enroute, which is CRAZY, and probably untrue…I mean no one can be in a void like that.  So I was peeved about having to stay up later than I would like, but I mean what could I do.  I did want the package.

Initially I felt sort of sorry for the UPS delivery man.  Then a good friend pointed out to me that this is his job and he was aware of the Holiday situation ahead of time.  I work a lot of weekends and holidays and my world goes on, sooo.

At about 08:30 I decided to take the dog out for a little break and was astonished to find a notice on my door saying that my package had been delivered to the Apartment Office.

So I called UPS back and was quite obnoxious about the situation. I guess I really wanted my shorts.  It did not help that I ran overlong today and I am having some pain and I am thinking the compression would help.  I vented a bit, and then hung up.  Suddenly I realized that the office does not close until 9 pm.  It was 0850.  So I rushed down there.  The guy was closing up, but was nice enough to let me in.  No package.  NONE.

The Apartment office guy said, “I bet they put the notice on the wrong door”  I thanked him and returned.  That actually makes the most sense.

Of course, now I am stuck sitting here waiting for the package to be delivered.  I am wondering exactly when that will happen.

Yes, I am not so pleased with UPS this time round.  Don’t think I’ll willingly use them again.


8 thoughts on “UPS nightmare

    • Yes! In the end, I think I probably just got a little wound up about getting them, they will eventually make their way here….but I was so hoping to go for a morning run tomorrow and try them out. No such luck!

    • LOL as an update my order was apparently delivered at 0929 tonight to my front door. where I have been patiently waiting. NOthing. So a new order has been shipped out to me.

  1. UPS is strange sometimes. The driver who delivers to my parents’ house is very courteous and has actually helped me carry heavy packages inside. But back in Minnesota, the one servicing our neighborhood was always dropping things off at the wrong addresses. There was one day where he left an important-looking document on my doorstep: it was addressed to the husband of this one woman I knew from my kids’ school, so I walked the two blocks to their house and dropped it off. When the woman answered the door and saw what it was, she flipped. It was apparently a legal brief of some importance, and had it gotten lost, it would’ve been a huge headache for the man’s practice.

    I like those shorts. I could use something like that for bicycling.

  2. The manservant took a day off work waiting for a UPS delivery. He sat in the front room so he wouldn’t miss them and he continuously tracked it online. By dinner time still no package. We finished dinner at 7.30 still in that front room with the door & curtains open. Imagine our surprise to track online and find: “Attempted delivery 7pm – no answer”. The manservant was livid and called to complain and requested it be delivered after 6pm the next day as he couldn’t take another day off work just to wait for a package. They said “ok” but when I got home I found a note on our door saying they’d “left with neighbor” …. Then I had to search around to find which neighbor. Not a good experience at all.

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